How To Get Out Of The Friend Zone

Worst thing that can happen to anyone is to ask your crush out for a movie and she replying you with “Who else is coming?” This is the crippling truth of the friend zone! Nobody likes to be in that torture room and be a mere friend to your crush when she could be happily discussing her hot boyfriend with you. But if unfortunately you did get yourself into it somehow, don’t worry, because there’s still hope. Follow these tips and get out of the friend zone for good!

1. Accept the situation.

You don’t need to make peace with it but definitely don’t cry over it either. Instead of begging her to give you a chance know that she carefully came to this decision and so you too carefully need to make her change that.
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2. Quit being her friend.

Stop talking for hours on the phone or discussing your lives at stretch. Quit all the leg pulling and other silly things that only friends do and talk about general things like how was the day or what’s she doing over the weekend.
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3. Play busy.

Next time she calls you to grab a bite tell her you are busy and keep down the phone. Show her you can’t always be available.
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4. Don’t ‘hang out’ any more.

Take her to a more sophisticated place to eat as you would do on a date instead of a sports bar or gaming arcade that you usually hung out at.
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5. Cancel your usual activities together.

If watching a movie every Friday night is your thing, bail on it for ‘something important’. Or better still, tell her you made plans with someone else for the night.
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6. Have more to your life.

Take up classes or activities that you know she would love to be a part of but indulge in them alone. This will tell her you have your own life too and make her want to be with you at the same time.
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7. Make more friends of the opposite sex.

It is perhaps the oldest trick in the book but surely the one that always works. Hang out with your female friends and keep her informed. Jealous mode activated in 3…2…1…

8. Be irresistible.

While a goofy guy is to friendship, a hot and mysterious guy is to dating. It’s simple maths. So stop fooling around, stay groomed and play cool and confident.
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9. Compliment her.

Don’t go overboard with praises. Know the art to say it at the right time and in the right way. Look her in her eyes and tell her how beautiful she looks when she truly deserves it.
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10. Flirt with her.

Keep it subtle yet un-friend like. Let her glimpse a teeny bit of your dirty mind without you coming out as a creep.
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11. Let your gestures speak.

Take her hand while crossing the road or open the door for her. Touch her like she may be your girlfriend, but of course respectfully.
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