10 Things All Singles Should Do on Karwa Chauth

how to do karwa chauth puja alone

All you singles out there; this one’s for you! We’ve put together a list of things that you could do to make the most of the day when all your married friends are fasting furiously.

So what if Karwa Chauth for singles isn’t celebrated much? You can still keep the spirit of the fast keepers.

1. Entertain the Karwa Chauth participants and boost their morale.

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Pick songs that are most in sync with traditional family values.

2. Click pictures of Karwa Chauth participants in their preferred location/pose and post them religiously on Facebook.

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Fashion on Karwa Chauth takes a good U-turn. You’re going to see a carnival of women in the best of their traditional dresses.

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Make a note of what’s in trend because it will help you choose the right dress and accessories as the wedding season approaches next month.

4. Host a PTBS – Proud To Be Single Party!

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Make sure you don’t include fast keepers to the party, or if you do, make sure they’re not dancing or singing along.

5. Bond with your Karwa Chauth friend in a spa/facial session.

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Get your friend a spa session, and make it a joyful day for your partner.

6. Take a moment to thank God for not ending up with ‘He who shall not be named’

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It’s a moment to celebrate the one for whom the fast is being kept. And if you want, you can keep Karva Chauth for Boyfriend.

7. Listen patiently to your married friend’s little rants.

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Sometimes, all you need is someone to listen to your rants. And if you can be of help in this way, there could be literally nothing else your friend would want.

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8. Hog in memory of all those ex-boyfriends who missed the bus.

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Feel pity for them, but don’t get too lost in the lanes. It’s not a Karva Chauth ritual for single women, but you can still do it if you want to.

9. Enjoy your single status while it lasts.

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Celebrate singlehood (if you want to). No wonder, you could also end up keeping the fast on the next year’s Karwa Chauth.

10. Find a date on #theloveapp:


You could also find yourself a date on the Karwa Chauth. Break the stereotypes and go out with someone you find on the TrulyMadly dating app!

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