12 Things All Singles Swear By Spending Their Money On

Couples like to spend their money on their baes to make their sweetheart smile… Sometimes with gifts and sometimes with trips and surprises. And at others as penalties for forgetting the numerous anniversaries! But what do the singles spend their money on? Let’s find out.

1. Personal Investments

When you got your own money and no one to spoil to, you somehow get the senses to save some for the colder days. Or perhaps, to give nice returns to buy something even nicer to spoil myself! 😉
image source/ ShowMaker Pictures

2. Dinner in a Fancy Restaurant

You can treat yourself to Coq au Vin and a glass of fine Bordeaux. You are a confident single woman. Oh come! Is there not any single nice guy ready to flirt with me?!! For God’s sake I’m dining alone!
image source/ UTV Motion Pictures

3. Ice Cream and Chocolates

Do you even need to say anything about this? Go away! Let me finish this Hershey’s first.
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image source

4. Gym

What you gotta, you gotta… After all health is your top priority. Of course. Especially, since I’m still working on the plan to woo that hottie in my office.
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5. Learning a New Skill

Oh yes.. One must keep learning new things….! Eh… That’s only because I am planning to impress him with my dancing skills. Aaaand I don’t have anything better to do on the  weekends!
image source/ Yash Raj Films

6. New Wardrobe

Every month!! Enough said.
image source/ Eros International

7. Pizza

It’s your biggest pal… What would you have done if they never invented something so delicious and just one call away!! Hmm… I think I found the one!
image source

8. New Phone

What’s all the salary for if not a new phone every time they launch a new snazzy one! 😉
image source/ Yash Raj Films

9. Girl’s Night/ Boys Night Out

If you have to be single be single like it should be…. Gather up your pack and spend it all on booze and night outs!!
image source/ Eros International

10. Spa

Ahhh…..This is the only thing that makes you forget you are single.. Mmm… some more there please.
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11. Books or Movie DVDs

What else do you expect? A movie and popcorn all by yourself in the hall?!! I’m not telling you I do that all the time!
image source/ Dharma Productions

12. Birthday and Annivaersary and What Not Gifts

A great way to say thanks to each of your single team mates for always sticking with you. And for all my booze induced ‘why me’ ranting, they put up with on those many rejection nights.
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