Corona Mahamari, Love and Yaari: Tips for Safer Sex

Corona Mahamari, Love and Yaari: Tips for Safer Sex

YES, the lockdown is being lifted in phases and getting implemented again in places, and love birds must want to be love-locked for long to make up for all the lost love dose during the lockdown. 

Lovers, let’s loosen up on the concerns of safe sex during the pandemic because sex is not a problem in CORONA KAAL. Practice hygiene, at least from now on. Hygiene never hurts! Also, now we have access to online sex that maintains the spark, really. 

So what is your 2021 and 2022 love and sex horoscope actually? Life must go on, and so should love, dating, and sex, especially now that we have so many options of love swipes and virtual sex during pandemic.

Of course, you can’t meet every time, pandemic or no pandemic (unless you live together, obviously). You can still explore online sex with your love interest, virtually. Who knows this exploring can give you new virtual (pandemic) safe sex ideas. 

safe sex during the pandemic

So is it finally, a green flag to love signal? A big yes!

In case you and your partner were cozy-ed up together, clearly, you didn’t miss out on any fun.

But when the separation hits, the craving hits as well, haina? Lockdown! Corona! Kya karein? Time for us to sit back and Let’s let the virtual world take the lead. And why not, you should have all the fun! If you like to be extra sure and safe, trust us, there is nothing as extra safety as online sex. 

Online Sex During Quarantine

  • Don’t Miss Out On Erotic Conversations

You can’t be talking and discussing the number of cases during the pandemic all the time, right? For that much needed spark during the quarantine period, an erotic conversation with your boo is the key. The more often you do it, the more pleasurable it becomes.

  • Surprise Your Partner With Exclusive Pictures And

Virtual Video sex during pandemic. It is a hot topic that’s helping couples reduce the miles of distance. Keep the sexual flame burning with naughty pictures and videos. You want to turn on your partner while they are working, with their family, or just thinking about you. This is the way!

  • Strip On Video Call

It might be an uncomfortable activity for many girls and boys out there but go for it only when you feel safe, secure, comfortable, respected, wanted, and loved. If all these criteria are fulfilled, it’s the best sex online thing partners can make the most of. 

There are multiple things you can be creative with to enjoy such online sex sessions with your partner. 

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