11 Tips for Building Strong Relationships With Your Partner

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For building strong relationships, love is surely the foundation stone. But for a relationship to stay and grow stronger, do not only rely on love. A couple must be willing to work on it almost every day for a strong bonding relationship that’s wholesomely satisfying.

Luckily, there are endless ways to nurture your relationship so it lasts. Also, they don’t require making major changes in how you are together as a couple. Some minor, convenient changes, and there you go.

11 Ways of Keeping Your Relationship Strong


Here Are 11 Things to Keep in the Back of Your Mind

1. Less Expectations, More Happiness

Relationships relying a little too much on “should” call for disappointment. Your partner “should” have done that; he “should” have helped me with the dishes, and she “should” have not done that would lead nowhere. Expect less, so when things are done, it amplifies happiness. When expectations are let down, you indulge in arguments, even if they are little. Don’t let that happen.

2. Don’t Forget To Date Your Boo

This one on how to build a strong relationship is the more neglected one. Oh, it’s been years now, and there’s nothing left to do. Well, chuck out that thought now. The rule says, “Never stop dating your partner.” Schedule frequent dates with each other, give each other the time your relationship wants, and talk to each other often, unfiltered. Go grab a cup of coffee, watch a movie, and have those romantic dinners.

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3. Spend Time Without Each Other

Might sound a little otherwise, but read this.

When intimacy collapses into fusion, it is not a lack of closeness but too much closeness that impedes desire. Our need for togetherness exists alongside our need for separateness. Thus, separateness is a precondition for connection: this is the essential paradox of intimacy and sex.



4. Work Through Up and Downs With Equal Love and Respect

Just like you can’t just be happy all the time, the same applies to relationships. Each relationship is unique, with bumps, highs, and lows that need to be dealt with with care. When there’s a long-term commitment, ride through everything that comes along, together.

5. Practice Gratitude

When you have been together for so long, there must be many qualities in your partner that you absolutely love and adore. Well, it’s time you pinpoint them and see the magic happen. This practice revitalizes your love life. When gratitude is expressed, positive feelings among couples follow. 

6. Create New Experiences

Though chilling and Netflix with pizza are your favorite things to do in the world together, boredom can find its way easily. You need to shake things up and pepper them with new experiences, routines, and fun moments. Find ways to amalgamate excitement with your boo by doing something novel that’s outside the syllabus. It could be anything. Rekindle love!

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7. Good Communication 

Can’t skip this one at all. You can’t just listen and give it the tag of “good communication.” Good communication is an effective mix of listening, understanding, and responding. Listen to what your partner is saying, understand what they are expecting in return, and respond with what’s best for them. That’s how you build the very basis of a strong relationship. Strong bonding relationship takes extra effort.

8. Never Argue Over Money

This one is a sure-shot relationship killer. If you want to keep going as a power couple, keep arguments over money out of the picture. If your perception of how you handle money is different, talk about it. The keyword here is “argue.” A healthy discussion is needed every now and then if you share your finances. 

9. Set Goals

Talk and work on how you two would want your relationship and life together to look in the next five or ten years, After setting your goals, work towards achieving them. Keep adding goals, and every achievement will bring you closer and strengthen your bond.

10. Never Underestimate Small Gestures/Surprises

Such little yet effective thoughts are how to make relationship strong. The goal behind planning small surprises is to make your partner feel that you are thinking about them. It keeps the spark alive, and love grows. In fact, there’s nothing more powerful than acts of unplanned kindness for your bae. It fuels overall and long-term well-being.

11. Come Out of Arguments Together

When couples fight or argue, locking up the room or hanging up is the first reflex action. Well, that’s not how it should be. Make a little perspective shift. Treat all the disagreements like problems that you both have to solve; these are not races that you have to win. Think of “WE” and not “I.” If you can ace this point in your relationship, things will keep getting better.

Wrapping Up

How to make relationship strong: A relationship that’s happy takes two people, always. It’s an effort that is shared, leading to two individuals enjoying each other’s company. The tips above will help you go about it with ease and much love. We hope it helps!

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