11 Things All Couples Are Sick Of Hearing From Their Single Friends

11 Things All Couples Are Sick Of Hearing From Their Single Friends

Often, the people who are in a relationship get too annoyed at the actions and words of their single friends.

They may not think much of it, but some of their complaints or whining is way too irritating for the couples to handle.

So, Here Is a List of All Those Annoying Things That Our Single Friends Say Knowingly or Unknowingly That Tick the Couples Off!

1. Asking for help all the time to set you ‘too’ with someone!

If you’re single and your friends don’t offer you help to set you up with someone, you’re still not single enough.

coup-tired-1-znmd-katrina-hrithik-couple-hopeless-friend-favourImage source/ Eros International

2. Ridiculing Valentine’s Day and all the little unsaid traditions associated with it.

You’re going to have to bear with all the drama your committed friends wrecked on Valentine’s Day. This makes you hate this day, all the way more.

coup-tired-2-guys-like-12-laugh-make-fun-of-ridicule-arjun-kapoor1Image Source: tumbler

3. Or making fun of the cute gifts, gestures or their special dinner plans.

You’re amazed and shocked looking at the face of your friends as they receive those stupid gifts that would remain in the scrap room forever. And that’s when your committed friends are going to tell you how being in a relationship is worth it.

coup-tired-make-fun-mock-john-abraham-housefull-best-frnd-4Image Source: Eros International

4. Calling themselves the third wheel all the time.

The single people are almost always asking for attention. Because 99% of the attention is on the stupid couple only.

coup-tired-4-friends-walk-talk-fun-enjoy-cocktail-diana-penty-deepika-saifImage source/ Eros International

5. And complaining how utterly single they are.

Singles are very clever. They enjoy being single, but will always complain in front of you as if they are the most tortured beings on this planet.

coup-tired-5-shit-broken-wtf-srk-sad-hoplessImage source/ Yash Raj Films

6. Always treating couples as a ‘buy one get one free’ combo pack than as individuals.

And this is why most of the couple friends that single people have, have a nickname, “buy one, get one free.”

couples-tired-of-hearingImage source/ Yash Raj Films

7. Calling couples as needy or assuming them to be incapable of doing anything as independent individuals.

Are you even a single, third wheeling person in a group of couples if you aren’t constantly nagging about them being completely dependent on their partner?

coup-tired-couple-imran-katrina-mere-brother-ki-dulhanImage source/ Yash Raj Films

8. Assuming the couples would always know about the whereabouts and plans of their partners.

And this makes it a little more difficult to bear with single people who already know more than they should, about you.

coup-tired-4-preity-why-kal-ho-na-ho-cool-4Image Source: Yash Raj Films

9. Or that not informing about an all girls’ or all boys’ plans assuming they would be rather like to spend the time together.

And this is what that really pisses people off. Misinforming and not informing about anything particular, is a form of lie. Get it in your brains.

coup-9-what-to-do-wtf-sonakshi-sinhaImage source

10. Freaking out or getting disgusted at PDA even if that’s just a hug or holding of hands.

It’s just so disgusting for singles to find a couple indulged in PDA. And even if it is a normal hug, you are going to hear lectures on how having a hug could increase the lifespan of a person.

coup-tired-7-yami-ali-zfar-total-siyappa-couple-tiredImage source/ Reliance Entertainment

11. Making pretentious couple jokes.  Enough said.

And this is where the line is crossed by singles. Couples are tired of hearing the constant dramatic couple jokes that they have to bear all the time.

So these are the 11 things that almost every couple is tired of hearing from their single friends. More specifically talking, we’re hinting at that one single friend who is just always whining and complaining about couples being couples.

coup-tired-6-deepika-imran-break-ke-baad-couple-annoyed-angry-mad-irritatedImage source/ Reliance Pictures

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