18 Reasons Why You Need to Date Before Entering Into a Relationship

entering into a relationship

Are you considering entering into a relationship? You must also consider dating before relationship! 

Dating and relationships are often used interchangeably but to be honest, they are both a world apart from each other. While dating is the time for weighing your options, testing waters, and taking it easy-peasy, relationships call for commitment and flow of emotions.

Once you enter a relationship, you’ve nowhere else to go; at least not without some hardcore filmy drama, lots of pain, and buckets full of tears. So, dating before relationship is actually a great idea!

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Here Are the 18 Good Reasons Before Entering Into a Relationship!

1. You don’t want to find out you are in a relationship with a serial killer.

What? You didn’t know even serial killers can be in relationships? Of Course, they can! If you don’t want to commit your emotions to the one who’s committed to serial killing, try your options, and go date them to know them better! 

You don’t want to find out you are in a relationship with a serial killer.

2. Neither do you want to find out later he’s into some really weird and gross sexual stuff.

Well, dating is the best thing to know their view on certain things. Rest, trust your instincts. If your heart is saying no, please back off! 

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3. Because you want to be sure this guy doesn’t live on his parents’ pocket money still.

Independency is the factor! You don’t want them to be spending your money after his parent’s. See if they only boast of their parents being rich or has their own ambitions in life?


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4. Nor do you want your date with them to be just a date in their jam packed scheduler.

That’s not how it’s going to work. Go out on multiple dates with the person and see if they are flexible with the dates, days, and times. If it’s always you saying yes, and they are always the one who gives dates and times, the scope there, my friend, is very less! 

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5. You want to be sure she isn’t a gold digger.

You don’t want yourself to land into a relationship where the value of money is more than emotions and love. When out on dates, you can easily judge whether the feelings are genuine or money is the real attraction!

jmp-5-bolly-prank-10-telugu-3-katrina-paisa-paisa-gold-de-dana-danVenus Records & Tapes- Eros Entertainment- Baba Arts Limited Production

6. Or a free-loader.

Why is there so much hurry jumping into a relationship? Okay, answer this question. A genuine relationship after two years, or a relationship right now with who’s an ultimate free-loader? Well, go date and see who’s best for you. 

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7. Or him, a psychopath.

Again, do you want your partner keeping an eye on every damn thing you do? We know you’re thinking what if your date pretends to be a really nice person? Well, not for more than a month or two! 

jmp-7-awkward-4-her-3-shahid-haider-angry-mad-crazy-irritaed-annoyedUTV Motion Pictures

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8. Or a playboy/Playgirl.

To present this point in clear words, dating is the best practice to filter genuine guys/girls from all the playboys/playgirls. A coin has two sides but a playboy/playgirl has only one. You’ll know the real intentions in one or two meetings!

jmp-8-sexy-flirt-playboy-varun-dhawan-sotyImage source/ Dharma Productions

9. Your bae’s too much of a mamma’s boy or a daddy’s girl!

Better than knowing this month down the road, you should know about this before getting into a relationship. You don’t want him/her to say no to a date in the future because the Mother is not allowing, right! 

jmp-9-mom-parents-kirron-kher-om-shanti-om-dotingEros International

10. Because you want to make sure your sacred space remains so.

Dating before relationship is a savior! You can’t just sit back and cry why you said yes to the dumbhead. 

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11. You don’t want your honey poo to be laughing at your back with his/her buddies.

It’s not true that you need years to unveil someone’s true nature. 3-4 dates, and you’re good to go. Chances are if your date’s back bitching about their buddies to you, he must be doing the same with his buddies you being the center of attraction. 

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12. Since you would rather not have a bae at all than be stuck with their annoying habits without a warning.

A Big Yes! All you wanted was a simple relationship, and here you’re getting all those annoying habits for free. We are sure these free stuff won’t excite you at all! 

jmp-12-angry-annoyed-argue-fight-gf-bf-shout-yelling1Image source/ Shree Ashtavinayak Cine Vision Ltd.

13. Or at least be wary of their habits which may make your eye twitch.

After all those drama from your previous relationship, we are sure you don’t want another set of drama. Well, go date this guy who seems perfect to you, but you never know. Jumping into a new relationship after a breakup must have this rule of dating to know the person better! 

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14. And let them adjust to yours as well.

In the procedure of getting to know them, they have the liberty too. It shouldn’t come to you as a shock that the other person doesn’t want to continue with you because you were not compatible with them! 

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15. You don’t want to freak him out with your no make-up look all of a sudden.

These dates are all about getting ready and presenting yourself in the best way possible. Being a girl, you know the magic of make-up. If you want him to accept your real beauty, make sure you go out with him multiple times, sometimes with your bare face too! 

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16. Or your gross Sunday special, ‘pig-shaming’ rituals.

Please let them know your sunday package. For you it might not be a big deal, for your partner, you never know!

jmp-16-bolly-prank-4b-ranbir-pathetic-disgusting-wake-up-sidImage source/ Dharma Productions- UTV Motion Pictures

17. Because, you don’t want to go through a heartbreak warfare.

One of the most important from the slot, if you don’t want all those heartbreak elements in your life again, dating is an amazing idea. Before jumping into a relationship, do all your calculations really well. If not anything, it will save your time and energy! 

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18. But want to create a natural bond between you two!

Dating is also a great bonding experience. Before jumping into a new relationship after a breakup, find yourself a friend. If this friendship leads to a relationship, you have a plus point!

jmp-17-anushka-sushant-dance-couple-pkImage source/ UTV Motion Pictures/ Featured Image Source/ UTV Motion Pictures

In our times where dating is a key to relationships, why not use this to your advantage? Before entering into a relationship, give in to the trend of dating and find how things unfold. Let us know below if this blog helped you find your genuine love or it saved you from entering a painful relationship? 

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