11 Digital Signs She’s Not Into You Any More

signs she's not into you anymore

We get this question a lot: what are the signs your partner doesn’t love you anymore. Here’s our take on it. 

It sucks when you feel your girl is not that into you anymore. But how do you know it? In this digital age, when everything happening in our lives is broadcasted on social networking sites, some signs of a girl not interested in you are clearly out there. 

Let’s find out what they are.

1. The picture that you took of, as a couple, she didn’t ask for it. Not through Bluetooth, WhatsApp, not anything.

If your partner is not asking for your pictures as a couple, it means that it really doesn’t mean anything to them.

digital-1-selfie-cute-couple-farhan-vidya-shadi-ke-side-effects-phone-picImage source/ Balaji Motion Pictures

2. And when you send it to her anyway, she doesn’t appreciate it.

This could be a big heartbreak for most of the people. It’s one of the signs she’s not into you anymore.

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3. She doesn’t take cute and cuddly couple pics with you for FB or anything anymore.

It is one of the signs she doesn’t love you anymore. It’s okay that a lot of people don’t really love to show their romantic side to others on their social media. But if it was happening earlier and not anymore, you have your answer to the question of how to know girl is not interested in you. 

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4. Her status doesn’t have unnecessary <3 <3 <3 (hearts) anymore, nor does she tag you in any of her posts?

There’s something known as private stories. So, if you’re not receiving many of these stories, I believe that you can take it as the signs your partner doesn’t love you anymore in a romantic manner.

digital-4-heart-smilie-cute-emoticon-emojiImage source

5. She doesn’t even mention where she is and who she’s with when she’s out. Although, she just posted ‘Out with Bruno buying dog biscuits. Feeling excited!’

Don’t be too shocked to find out that she’s out there. Rather, take it as a sign and make a wise choice. 

digital-5-puppy-cute-pet-disneyImage source

6. Her relationship status is hidden now… Can’t make it ‘single’ already, can she?

There’s a saying that a person has already left you, even before they left you.

digital-6-funny-witty-relationship-statusImage source

7. She replies back to you in no less than 24 hours (or more), when you asked her, ‘Are you free tonight?’. Even when you saw the ‘blue ticks’ within a second of you sending the text!

No matter how busy someone is, they will always find some time to give to you. If they are not, then you can take it as one of the signs she doesn’t love you anymore.

digital-7-whatsapp-blue-ticksImage source

8. And even if the message you sent her is extensive, elaborate and deep… And it took you over 15 thoughtful minutes to draft it faultlessly, she replies back with just a ‘smiley.’

How to know if a girl is not interested in you through text? Read on! 

This is something really serious. If you are not getting a thoughtful reply on something, it is serious. How to know that a girl is not interested in you, she will not take your texts seriously.

digital-5-smileyImage source

9. She repost’s every YouTube video you posted saying, ‘Just found it. Check it out. LOL’….. Even if you had originally found it… only an hour back.

Though something not to be taken seriously, you can’t deny that she’s not considering you as her partner. She has started to live as a single person, and it bothers you. This is how to know that girl is not interested in you. 

digital-8-akshay-kumar-terrible-wtf-no-shitImage source

10. You have to literally remind her offline, of your Facebook, IG, YouTube event… To which, she goes on to confirm with a ‘maybe.’

If you’re a Digital marketer, you will agree to this. Asking your girlfriend to like a certain page or fill a particular form because you need to have the “data.” And if she just doesn’t seem interested in it, it means she is not serious about your work or even you.


11. She ‘likes’ your DM when you’ve asked her a question. ‘Hey! Want to go out for a movie this weekend?’ Like.

Accept the reality that what’s lost is lost. It’s very difficult for people to get interested in you, once you guys have lost interest.

digital-11-like-facebook-thumbs-upImage source

So these were the signs that your partner is not interested in you. Let us know what you think could be added more in this blog.

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