Toxic Relationship Meaning: Spotting The Warning Signs and More

the toxic relationship between couples

Ignoring the few exceptions, human beings want to be connected to each other, physically and emotionally. Life is so much better when shared. But these shared relationships have so many ups and downs that they demand constant and sometimes hurtful reassurance and decisions. 

One such element in relationships is toxicity. Want to get deeper into toxic relationship meaning and all that comes along with them? Running through these blogs will help you unravel things better.

What is a Toxic Relationship?

In a nutshell, a toxic relationship is when you are surrounded by the feelings of being misunderstood, not getting enough support, and being demeaned. In a relationship that is toxic, your well-being, be it emotionally, physically, or psychologically, is attacked.

“Keep in mind that it takes two individuals to have a toxic relationship, meaning our own words and actions matter as well.”

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Types Of Toxic Partner

If you can connect dots with the types of toxic partners mentioned below, we think some help is needed! 

1. Belittler

A belittler is a toxic individual who will be involved in belittling you, or making fun of you, both in public and private. They will criticize pretty much everything you say by disguising it with phrases like, “I was just kidding.” “It was just a joke.” Obviously, such pulling-leg moments are healthy too, but you will know when they’re not healthy but actually toxic by how they make you feel.

2. Bad Temper

“Controlling by Intimidation” pretty much sums up this type of toxic partner. Their anger triggers and somehow you are the reason behind their anger. Be careful.

3. Guilt Inducer

Guilt inducers control you by inducing guilt in you for doing something that they don’t like. This is a common form of control that often goes unnoticed. Again, you can’t call rarity toxic, but if there are signs of repetition, that’s how you know it’s turning toxic for the relationship.

4. Overreactor

If you are attempting to tell your partner how certain things are making you unhappy, but you find yourself consoling them and their anger and unhappiness, you are tied to an overreactor. You often comfort them and get a little comfort in return.

5. User

A relationship with a toxic individual is defined by the fact that you have never done enough for them. You will always lack, and there’s something that’s always missing from your side.

6. Possessive

If possessiveness is the case, it’s bad news. You might like all that jealousy in the beginning, but when things start to follow, like keeping a check or asking cross-questions, etc., it must stop. Remember, there’s a thin line between your partner being possessive, protective, or overly possessive.

7 Warning Signs of Toxic Relationship

Warning Signs of Toxic Relationship

Warning signs of a toxic relationship can vary from being subtle to very obvious. Not every time you will notice it, and not every time they will be hidden. Therefore, see if the list below looks anywhere close to your relationship.

1. Toxic Conversations

When the very root of your relationship starts to appear something that seems incorrect, maybe you are dealing with a toxic relationship. Criticism and negative sarcasm fuel your conversations with lack of respect and understanding. 

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2. Absence of Support

A successful relationship means watching your partner achieve in all spheres of life and having them reciprocate. Things start to turn toxic when your partner’s achievements become your competition. To simplify this, you no longer have that positive aura of encouragement and support. That’s one sign of toxic friendship too to watch and run. 

3. Controlling Nature

Do you more often find your partner asking where you are all the time? It’s totally fine out of care, but there’s a drill. Their anger triggers when you don’t revert immediately, and they keep texting repeatedly. This nature might stem from a lack of trust that would never allow the relationship to grow stronger.

4. Dishonesty

More than your partner being dishonest, it’s you who have to make dishonesty your shield to align with your partner’s expectations from you. If you find yourself making up stories or lying to be liked by your partner or making them happy, watch out! 

5. Ignoring Needs

One sure sign of toxicity is going along with what your partner says, which makes your partner happy even after realizing that your needs are being ignored. Say they planned a holiday as per their convenient dates and missed your important event in the middle, like your mom’s birthday. All they would want is that you agree, and that’s it.

6. You Hope For Change

Do you think everything is going great when you feel like there are things that must be changed? You are holding on because you two have shared some memorable moments together. Well, those were moments and things of the past. Believe what you have now. If all you have is hope, reconsider. 

7. Worry and Worry

Rather than being your whole self in front of your pattern, you try to hide what you truly are and what you love. Why? Because you worry that doing something you love might provoke tensions between you two that can bring up conflicts. 

Wrapping Up

After toxic relationship meaning and signs to be careful of, let’s wrap it up with words of reassurance. A toxic relationship is possible to reverse if both parties are not ready to give up and make their relationship work. Also, if things are getting out of hand, walk out.

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