5 Stages of Rejection – How to Get Over Rejection

stages of rejection

Rejection is painful. Oh yes! It’s indeed. But those who have gone through it will agree it is hilarious too.

Tragicomic maybe, but not as sad as you may think. After all, everyone moves on, finds love, and lives happily ever after, only to look back and laugh at their silly antics.

And those who refuse to, well, they need to look closer. Even they end up with someone (just like themselves) who craves their love and attention.

But keeping this grave preachy tone aside, this is what I have learned from any rejection. 

#1 At The World’s End

Immediately after a rejection, all you can think of is, “it’s the end of your life.“.

The worlds crumbling, and come the night, it will be an apocalypse! You can neither eat, nor sleep and your pillow is always soggy with buckets full of tears and snot.

It has to bear days in the end. You become the true picture of Devdas, with your beard growing on its way to break the Guinness World Record, and if you are a girl, your eyes minus their usual coal mine mimicking kajal, making you look like the female version of Edward Cullen.

Figure out how to get over rejection if you are going through this!

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#2 Main Hoon Jwaala

Here you finally realize it will not need an apocalypse that would take your folks’ life along with yours but the deadly smell rising from your extremely messy room (and you) that would suffocate you to death.

Now’s the time to finally take a shower and get rid of the fungus-infused leftovers from your room.

You become the clone of the angry young man and curse your ‘once’ crush to your heart’s content.

You can’t stop thinking how seriously they could be to reject you! I mean you! It’s you! One of the most fierce stages of rejection.

stages of rejectionImage source: Tumblr

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#3 Fraaaandship Zone

Once you’ve dipped your head in Thanda Thanda Cool Cool tel and calmed yourself down, you start believing you can think now.

Oh yeah! You are progressive and practical! Why can’t you be friends with your crush, isn’t it. It is, only it’s not.

Or is it? And before you can even answer yourself, you have dialed your crush’s number and asked him out ‘like a friend.’

It’s quite a dangerous stage of rejection you are in if you are going through this.

reject-3-shake-hands-friendsImage source: Tumblr

#4 My Heart Will Go On

Worst decision ever and the most difficult stage of rejection! The fact that you are processing the one tomato slice, not even whole, half in your mouth and half still being punctured with your fork from the past half an hour, is living proof.

By now, all your practicality has gone out the window, onto the road, and under the truck that passed right over it.

Your world’s gone numb, and you can only see their charming smile and twinkling eyes….

And all you know is, you want them more than ever. 

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reject-4-hope-love-aloneImage source: Tumblr

#5 Bandaa Yeh Bindaas Hai

How to get over rejection from someone you love? Well, ask the Banda Yeh Bindaas Hai guy!

You are back into the ‘I’ll make them want me someday’ business. It’s your little secret now.

(Shhh… It’s only till you find someone better.. Or you know, till history repeats itself!) ? ?

reject-5-happy-love-crush-heartImage source: tumblr

So these are the five stages that you go through after a rejection. Do you want to know more about the stages of rejection in detail? Let us know in the comments below, and we will continue to write about it.

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