How Couples Celebrate Holi Vs. How The Singles Do It

Unique and vibrant, Holi is rightly the most exciting festival of all. Even romantically speaking it is perhaps the favourite with all the youngsters. The vibrant colors, the playful pichkaris and the sheer joy of loving mischief’s we all experience through this festival is unmatchable. Though loved equally by everyone, it sure stands different in the way it is enjoyed by the singles and couples. Let’s find out how.

1. Couples: They see it as a seriously romantic festival.

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Singles: For singles it’s pure and unadulterated masti.

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2. Couples: When your babe is looking so sultry in that drenched kurta, it will only result in a casualty if your eyes slip over to that bi***.

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Singles: Holi party is but a big a** fair of lovely single girls and guys for you…

image source/ Yash Raj Films

3. Couples: It couldn’t get any better than this for PDA and flirting with your bae.

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Singles: Ahh…. could this be any better… You’re up and close to your crush!

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4. Couples: Gulal and pichkari make it the best festival ever to tease and appease your bae.

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Singles: Breathe in the satisfaction of being rubbed gulal on your cheeks by your crush… She actually touched me!

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5. Couples: They get full chance to get frisky forgetting what baju wali aunty would say.

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Singles: You can brush your arms against your crush without having to pretend it’s a mistake.

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6. Couples: You gotta celebrate Holi at your beau’s parents’ houses… The nicest and the easiest way to win their hearts.

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Singles: All you can think of, is to rush to your friends’ terraces at the break of the dawn and start the hurdang.

image source/ Blockbuster Movie Entertainers- Entertainment One- Eros Entertainment

7. Couples: There’s no chance you can drink bhaang if you’re still at your SO’s parents’.. so better say your namaste(s) fast and run to your single friends’ homes.

image source/ B. R. Films
image source/ Yash Raj Films

Singles: No need to worry! What is this festival for, if not bhaang for singles?!

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