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sex how it works

Here is the ‘mother of all manuals’ you might have ever come across on the feeling of utmost sexual pleasure- ORGASM. Learn how to make her orgasm, some orgasm tips, and the feeling of climaxing. Let’s unfold information for you one by one. 

What Is Orgasm?

In a nutshell or to say in layman’s language, Orgasm is the zenith of sexual excitement that both males and females feel during or after intercourse. It’s an amazing feeling involving the discharge of accumulated erotic tension. Also, orgasm is not a ONE FOR ALL theory. It might differ from person to person. 

Quick Facts on Orgasm

  • Orgasming has a plethora of health benefits, the reason being the release of multiple hormones and chemicals during this powerful feeling. For the most pleasurable things to do to a woman, keep reading. 
  • Orgasms do not necessarily happen ‘only’ during sexual stimulation. 
  • It’s a misconception that only women can have orgasm disorders. 
  • After gender reassignment surgery, even trans people can experience orgasm.
  • The definition and the theory around an orgasm can vary from a medical professionals’ point of view and mental health professionals.

Some Health Benefits of Orgasm

  • Frequent ejaculation lowers the risk of prostate cancer. 
  • Chemical and hormone release also lowers the risk of heart diseases. 
  • Oxytocin and endorphins that are released during orgasm work as great relaxants.

Different Types of Orgasms

Yes, there’s more than just ONE type……….

Combination Orgasm: It’s a blend of multiple orgasmic experiences together. 

Multiple Orgasm: The type where the person experiences not a single orgasm but a series of them in a short period.  

Pressure Orgasm: Surprisingly, it’s very common in children. It’s a kind of sexual excitement resulting from indirect stimulation of applied pressure. 

Relaxation Orgasm: When there’s a deep relaxation during sexual stimulation, relaxation orgasm occurs. 

Fantasy Orgasm: It’s a result of mental stimulation. 

Most Pleasurable Things to Do to a Woman

A list of what a woman wishes for her man to do during, before, or after sex. For women orgasming, these are a must. 

  • Not just her verbal signs, her non-verbal signs also say a lot. Don’t worry; you don’t have to ace decoding her non-verbal signs if they’re confusing to you. Simply ask.
  • You can’t be doing it, turning around, and dozing off. Oh boy, no! Sex is not only about penetration or foreplay. Afterplay is a feeling of physical and emotional security. 
  • Explore her body as much as you can with your fingers, like the most commonly ignored G-Spot, ear, inner thigh, and waist. 
  • Talk dirty to her. Yes. 
  • Clitoral stimulation has a major role to play in women orgasming. Men, women wish for a lot of it. Clitoral stimulation works on around 70% of women. 
  • The most pleasurable things to do to a woman is to make her feel wanted and adorn her. She should not feel like a piece of meat that you wish for every night or whenever you want. Trust me, women like it, and it helps them reach orgasm too. 
  • The sexy kind of surprises? Yes! 

All the pointers above are not typical ‘how to make a woman orgasim touching her sexually kind’, but such small gestures add to the overall intercourse experience that adds to climaxing. Moving on and for all those looking for ‘how to keep my husband sexually satisfied,’ here’s something for you. 

5 Easy Tips to Sexually Satisfy Your Male Partner

  • Compliment him as much as you can. Not only women, but men also love feeling wanted to submerge in a physical activity that feels complete and not just an act or physical need. 
  • Learn about his erogenous zones and touch him. A sexually satisfied husband is also about the sensations you give him. 
  • Never lose an opportunity to have a quickie. 
  • Let the inner hero in your mean lead you on the bed. 
  • Always planned sex? Nah! Try to be spontaneous sometimes. He will love it.  

The keyword in the whole idea of orgasm is “pleasure”. The more pleasurable it is, the better the orgasm. To conclude, have sex how it works for you!

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