Know How Ruchi Met Her Forever Abhishek on TrulyMadly

So I joined this dating app called Trulymadly back in 2014, and Abhishek was the first guy I matched with. I still remember we matched right after Valentine’s Day, on 15th February 2014. I don’t really remember what impressed me back then, but we had started having conversations with each other on the app itself.

Ruchi and Abhishek Forever Story We started to connect really well with each other and decided to meet on 8th March 2014. I remember he had bought a bouquet for me and we went to his favourite Tea stall. I was already excited to meet him and he proposed me in a really old-school way at the first date. I realised I had also fallen for him, and I said ‘Yes’.

Sometimes, things don’t go as easy they seem to be. Since I was Hindu and he was Christian, our families had so much problem with the ethnicities. But we struggled and it took 2 years for us to get our family ready for this and accept the fact that we want to get married and spend our life together.

Ruchi and Abhishek Forever Story

On 10th December 2016, we both got married and it is still one of the most special moment of my life. I feel the luckiest person that I met the love of my life, Abhishek on Trulymadly.

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