How Not To Get Dumped By Your Boyfriend

It requires no second opinion to state that break ups are too painful. They definitely leave a void that becomes very hard to fill. And when the break up is not with mutual agreement but an act of getting dumped by the one whom you loved so dearly, it becomes all the more agonizing.
Although every relationship is different and so are the reasons for the alleged break ups, there are still some things that are common to every shaky relationship that may lead to your boyfriend dumping you. So, if you don’t want to get dumped and save your relationship to cherish and make it loving as it should be, you must certainly devote some time and energy to identify the loop holes and try to fix them.
Here are 11 basic things every girlfriend needs to do to avoid getting dumped by her boyfriend.

1. By listening to him

You are no orator and even if you may be it doesn’t make sense to think only you have the right to speak and has the opinions that matter. Your guy may not be right about everything but he still knows much… and you would know it too if you let him say something as well. So, being a good listener is all that you need to be.
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2. By using your own brain

You don’t pay your friends to do the job of thinking for you, do you? Then stop listening to them so much. Your single friend who may not have dated since the days of Nokia 1100, is no person to give you advice on relationship and not even the one who dumped her boyfriend for not having the same taste in music. So, enjoy with your friends and share as much as the need be but don’t bring back home their ‘dating advice’ blindly.
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3. By keeping your family out of it

If you want your man to not tell her mom every time he comes to meet you; you should too keep from feeding every tiny detail of your arguments and disagreements to your own mother and sisters. If your kiss is meant to be a private affair, so do these small fights and discussions. Giving negative details to them will only make them dislike your boyfriend. And then you wonder why you need convincing them to let you go out with him late night.
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4. By valuing his friends too

You don’t have to particularly love his friends but also don’t have to lash out negative remarks about them all the time. He has known them longer than he knows you so it’s but obvious he knows what a Casanova his buddy is. You don’t need to remind him of that, every time he tells you he’s hanging out with him. Besides, it’s absurd to distrust your guy just because his friend is like that. If you know your boyfriend, trust him. He won’t play you.
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5. By not gluing yourself to his back

He doesn’t have to go everywhere you go nor should you go wherever he does. The time you spend with him is special because it is of limited edition not infinitely available. You need to have your own space, hobbies and friends and let him have his own. It ridiculous to have him sit there idling between you girls when you are discussing nails, fashion and who’s guy cheated with whom. As hard as it may be for you to swallow, it is actually of no interest to him.
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6. By not tracking him all the time

Good that we have GPS system now but using it to track his whereabouts is not a very nice application of the technology… Okay maybe I got ahead of myself with this, but calling him constantly or expecting him to tell you his exact location every half an hour isn’t much different either. If you love your own freedom, so does he. Besides, it again questions your trust on him. So, stop playing a cop and let him breath.
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7. By sometimes being a little needy too

Even if you are a fiercely independent woman it doesn’t harm to sometimes feed his ego a bit too. You could change a tire on your own and even fix a leaking tap but still asking him for his help in some matters is crucial for an ego boost and to make him feel needed and important in the relationship.
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8. By not being too dependent either

It may sound as being in direct contradiction of the above point but it isn’t. There is a fine balance between letting your guy feel needed and being actually too needy yourself. You are not a child and he doesn’t want to treat you like one either. So, instead of having him chauffeur you around either learn driving yourself or remember that there are auto rickshaws and buses in abundance to choose from.
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9. By having something nice to say too

Guys could mess things more and make good less but still you are no honorary incharge to remind them of that all the time. There may be a lot of good things about him and many nice things that he may have done for you that need more highlighting than what he doesn’t do, what he forgets or what he does wrongly.
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10. By not comparing him to others

Nothing can be more damaging to a relationship than comparing your man to the boyfriends of your friends. The other guys are not who love you so much nor do they take you out on all those lovely dates. So, stop comparing him to others for he is unique in his own way and needs to be appreciated for that.
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11. By keeping the past buried for good.

If your man made a mistake and you forgave him for that, it means it’s done with. The chapter’s closed. So, opening the old file is not going to do any good to anybody. It will only bring back the old pains and frustrations. It is only right to keep the past behind you or it will take him no time to become your past.
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