Guide On Cuffing Season Meaning & Everything You Should Know


With the end of the year inching closer & temperature dropping, the feeling of snuggling up with a partner becomes stronger like never before. So, here we welcome the ‘‘cuffing season.” 

Wait! You are not aware of the cuffing season meaning? We bet you are not the only one. It’s a new ‘seasonal relationship thing’ trending among Gen Z. Some popular dating apps have given this terminology a platform that Gen Z has adopted and even engaged in.

We will get into what is cuffing season even deeper. Keep reading. 

What Does Cuffing Season Mean?


Lifestyle writers say; cuffing season is a particular time of the year when the weather starts wrapping in mild coldness & singles begin their active hunt for romantic partners to share their snowier and colder months. 

The days get chiller, romantic & holiday spirit has just entered when being alone and isolated could be bad for one’s mental health. That period, in short, invites cuffing for individuals that feels attractive and tempting. 

From October till March is typically said to be the cuffing period, but the mileage depends on individuals. If things are going perfect and continuing it feels right, please go ahead. If your heart is asking for a step back, feel free to do so. Now comes the point you all must be waiting for. 

How To Find a Cuffing Partner? 

We can’t put much emphasis on how important communication is when you are looking for a cuffing partner. Just be upfront about what you are looking for & see how things unfold. Try something like,

“If you align, we can hang out together, but I am not up for anything long-term or serious. We can keep it short and simple. What do you have to say?”

It’s just an example of how transparent all these scenarios should be. 

Dating apps like TrulyMadly, in the current timeline, are easy access to finding your soulmate for life that can start in the cuffing season. You should be comfortable asking people out of your comfort zone rather than having to interact with them face to face. That might get awkward. 

5 Important Things About Cuffing Season Relationship To Keep In Mind

It might sound all good and may be the right thing to do at a particular moment, but as some people call it SITUATIONSHIP, there are things that you must keep in the back of your mind when planning to cuff up. 

1. Communicate

There are chances that things might get messed up if real intentions are not put forth. Most of the time it happens that one person invests themselves in the relationship way more than the other person. It results in feeling getting hurt, that’s not how things should turn out to be. 

Therefore, always make sure there’s alignment with transparent and clear communication during the initial stage.  

2. Don’t Rush

It’s okay to crave a partner during the winter months, but it’s crucial you control that tendency. Don’t rush into a partnership if you could sense an elevation of longing. See if you are really into that person or if you just want to hibernate with someone.  

You always have your friends & family to back you up. Spend time with them, do what you love & enjoy being single to fight your boredom, rather than going for something you don’t want to last. 

3. Draw The Line

Not justified but some people are really hesitant to set up healthy boundaries. If you could sense that you are getting caught up in cuffing season dates and situations, find a way out by being clear and loud. Draw boundaries wherever and whenever needed. 

4. Don’t Over Expect

If you both are aligned with the ‘cuffing’ relationship, enjoy the situationship for what it is. That way, things will turn out wonderful.  

5. Sex Precautions

Last but not least, it’s just a reminder. Safer sex importance can’t be discounted.

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Should You Be Engaging in Cuffing?


Wondering what is cuffing in dating and how are people managing it? Cuffing, we think, is not everybody’s cup of tea. If you want to sail through winters all by yourself, more power to you. But if your heart desires affection & attention, you are always free to go with your heart. Before that, consider these factors along with what does cuffing someone mean. 

Know What You Want

It might happen that what you are saying doesn’t match what you want to experience in your situationship. If this takes the lead, you might go wrong. If you are clear about certain things, you are ready to be cuffed up. 

How Intimate You Want To Get

Intimacy is not solely related to physical things. It also involves letting someone enter your personal space. Whatever it is, cuffing still is a type of union between two individuals and expectations can peep in. So be prepared well in advance. 

Don’t Let The Pressure Overpower You

Of course, people around you would want to know what’s happening. Get your list prepared well in advance about how you want it to be. If you want to be upfront about it, great. If you want to keep it a secret, totally OKAY.

What’s The Right Approach To Uncuffing?

Many would say that uncuffing should not be a big deal. Well, it’s not entirely true because feelings are still involved.

If you feel like uncuffing, initiate a conversation. Remember, the conversation should be successful if you two had a clear conversation about the cuffing in the beginning. 

Be clear about how you feel about it at that current point, and taking individual ways is the right way out. 

Wrapping Up

Do you too feel like cuffing up this cuffing season? We hope our explanation of cuffing season meaning along with the other relevant information helps you cuff the right way. Because there are always two sides to a coin & it might turn into a nightmare if you manage to mess things up somehow. Be wise and thoughtful.

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