Enjoy The Cricket Scorecard Live With Your Significant Other

Cricket Scorecard Live

Here’s How You Can Enjoy The Cricket Match As A Couple

What’s the most popular cricket myth? Yes, you guessed it right. Husbands love it and wives just loathe around when they want to see the cricket scorecard live on TV.  

The reality has to state otherwise. Ladies today are equally aware of this hype, keep cricket live score update, and some even more than their male partners. 

Contrary to popular belief, the reality is a different story. Ladies today are equally excited about cricket, they not only keep a constant check on cricket live score update but also want to see the cricket score live ball by ball.

People enjoy the game without an ounce of guilt of skipping responsibilities or work. 

It’s not just the season of cricket or keeping a tight check on today cricket score. It’s also the season of rekindling fun, passion, and romance between couples. 


1. It’s The Right Time To Have a Grown-Up Party

If you look back, do you remember your last party with your grown-up buddies? Loud music, louder conversations, finger food, drinks, and unlimited fun? All you have been doing is following a monotonous routine you badly need a break from. 

Cricket is an excuse to invite your friends over & have a gala time cheering at the top of your lungs and watching cricket score live ball by ball

2. Let Some J Factor Take The Lead

It’s okay if you get jealous or mad at your partner for smiling a little wider when cheerleaders show up on the screen doing their best moves. Retaliate it with some cheesy comments on Virat, Dhoni, Rohit, or anyone. With the cricket live score today going up, it keeps the spice factor up too. You both can laugh about it later.  

3. O Food!

Food while watching games is like blood for veins. Finger food, especially double folds the fun. Be a little pre-planned before the match with your and your partner’s favorite finger food. You will wonder why you guys weren’t doing it enough. 

Remember, there will be just one rule, that is, funnnn.

4. Match in Your City

If you both are cricket fanatics and can’t help but watch the current cricket score every now and then, you can’t miss out on the cricket match when it’s happening in your city. Get some really quirky hair extensions, pom-poms, prepare some charts, get the T-shirts made, and leave yourself in the moment. Scream louder for your team.

Pro tip: Get your tickets booked well in advance or else keep looking for the cricket scorecard live on TV or on your phone. 

Don’t wait and start to plan already! 

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