Today’s T20 Match Score Is Temporary. Your Relationship Is Forever.

Today’s T20 Match Score

5 Bizarre Couple Moments During The T20 Season

This cricket season, don’t let your cricket love hamper the smooth love story of your life. So after you Google today T20 match score, maybe before that, don’t forget to look for ways to make the cricket time with your significant other a time to remember and bond. 

From Kohli blowing a Bat Kiss to Anushka to Sakshi applauding for Dhoni’s century, we have tales of evergreen cricket match moments. Amid all these, new connections are blooming, and we can’t keep calm. 

Do you also wish for such cute moments with your boo? Let the secret be out. Not the extreme ones, maybe, but your little moments you can cherish for a lifetime? But all you get is nagging? 

Let’s try and make this game a couple-friendly affair. With the T20 match today live score, let your relationship score go up too. 

1. Hand Over The Remote To Me 

You are all excited and prepared to begin the night with cricket, and you hear those magical words ‘Give me the remote. Now it’s my time.’ 

Do you have a comeback for that? No. 

Do you have a solution? Yes. Your phone! 

She is watching Tv, and your eyes are on the phone. It’s not the visual a good couple shares. We have a solution. 

How about Cricket Bet but a unique version of it? Here’s the plan. 

You can put your guess on each ball, whether it will be a six, single run, out, or anything else. You have to discuss some stakes/dares that the person who loses has to complete. That way, your love for cricket won’t compromise, and you can enjoy it with your partner too. 

You can be all cool and liberal about the game you wish to play while watching the match with your partner. The bottom line is to have fun together. 

If you have more interesting ideas, let us know in the comments below. 

2. Kohli And Dhoni Over Me? It’s Not Working Anymore

Two hours of an uninterrupted match on TV with T20 live match score, and you saw every ball hit by the batsman? 

Wait. Wait for the tagline in the end. I think you and I are not working anymore. 

We bet you mustn’t have realized when Virat and Dhoni became your priority, but your partner did. Now they will make sure you know their importance. 

How to handle the situation?

Cricket over your boo is never going to work. Find a way out!

According to us, the ideal escape to this unfavorable situation is planning a nice date before it starts or after the match is over. Date necessarily is not important, but make sure you spend some quality time to make them feel loved and important.  

2. You Think I Don’t Understand Cricket

C’mon, accept that you don’t like explaining cricket to your partner while it’s running live. Agree?

On the other hand, your partner might have tons of questions when you sit down together to enjoy the game. 

One mantra that will magically work here is Patience. They might decode the umpire’s actions wrong. 

If your “NO, I DON’T LIKE CRICKET” partner is sitting next to you supporting your favorite team, you must keep their spirit alive by answering all their questions. Even the stupid ones, too (LOL). 

3. Plans Clashing With The Match Schedule? Oops!

Did you commit your time to your Madam/Sir without considering cricket’s timings or the day? Now that could be a tough day of arguments and clashes. 

We could have said just forget the match, but we have got you a solution because today t20 match score is important. Right?

Politely ask your partner can we please postpone the plan rather than announcing that you dropped it because the T20 live match score is more important. Never do that! It’s a magic trick that works like a charm. 

4. It’s A Boys/Girl’s Night Only

That one night, your partner will start missing you a lot. 

Why are you not replying instantly?

You forgot me, right?

When will you come back?

Why aren’t you picking up my call? 

So on and so forth. 

Please call or text your partner whenever you get time because today T20 match score is a ‘once in a year’ thing, but your relationship is forever. 

If you both are cricket fanatics and T20 is your absolute favorite thing, have a gala time with each other. 

If not, our solutions might help you.

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