Today Live Scorecard: Do’s & Don’t for Couple Supporting Different Cricket Teams.

Today Live Scorecard: Do’s & Don’t for Couple Supporting Different Teams.

Cricket season is sweeping in India. Men, women, boys, and girls are amazingly creative with excuses to skip work, college, or school to watch matches and live match score board

Where cricket fanatics can’t keep themselves from typing ‘today live scorecard’ to be up-to-date, there are some couples with struggles of their own.

Two people cheering for two different teams under one roof? Oops! 

Are you a couple supporting two different teams?  

Well, don’t let the score card of today’s match make it tough for you. Here’s how! 

  • Fight But Fair

Today match live scorecard is going down for your team & you can’t control it? Despite saying a hundred things; things can go intense, and emotions could trigger where you feel like smashing your partner’s face (not that you will do it). You are allowed to fight, argue, and tease dance, but keep it fair and healthy. We don’t want one partner going to bed injured (LMAO). 

Pro Tip: Keep a helmet handy. 

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  • Take It Light

We agree the atmosphere could go intense when a die-hard fan of one team is watching their team go down. Trust us, things can get intense if you start teasing them. Let a fun, light mood continue, and do not take things otherwise. 

Pro Tip: Please be sorted with lunch/dinner well in advance, or you might not get it later (oops). 

  • Do Not Let The Rivalry Continues

Remember, whatever teams you are supporting, you two are a team for a lifetime in the end. Keep that rivalry factor up for a couple of hours & let things go back to normal as soon as it’s over. 

Pro Tip: If you two are way too competitive, consider watching the match and today live scorecard on two different televisions (Lol). 

A couple supporting two different cricket teams has nothing unhealthy to talk about. In fact, having your opinions and passion is healthy for a relationship to flourish. It’s a green signal from us. Go ahead, stick with your choice, not minding who your spouse is interested in. Take it as an opportunity to unveil your relationship from different angles. Differences, sometimes, work. 

So let today’s match scoreboard not impact your love scoreboard. 

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