Let Todays T20 Match Be a Date With Your Partner

Let todays t20 match be a date with your partner

They say if you wish, even a basic tea time can become ‘THE DATE.’

When it’s the mad cricket season, and you both are into it from head to toe, make efforts to convert todays t20 match into a beautiful yet fun date, which you both can add to your relationship journal. 

The trick here is, not to go with the flow. That OH-SO-LOVEY-DOVEY date is fine, but there could be varieties that set your mood right for the t20 cricket today. 

Here Are Some Todays T20 Match Date Ideas to Take Inspiration From:

  1. The Classic Wine And Popcorn Date
  2. The Rivalry Date
  3. The “Real” Planned Date
  4. The Play-Along Date
  5. The Bet In Every Bat Date

The ‘Classic Wine And Popcorn’ Date

For couples who like to keep it plain and basic to enjoy every bit of the game, there is nothing better than the classic date with wine, beer & popcorn. 

Set the vibe and enjoy t20 match today in each other’s company.

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The ‘Play-Along’ Date

Don’t you think sitting, watching & cheering need some update? Well, here’s a plan. Be ready with your own little cricket setup & take a trip back to the memory lane. Enjoy the Cricket match screening on the television, and you hit sixes and fours in your cutest cricket setup at home.

It might sound kiddish, par Ek date Aisi bhi…

Try it. You and your partner are going to love it. 

The ‘Bet In Every Bat’ Date

We appreciate the ideal & classic date, but when you two are totally up for it, today t20 cricket match has to be something different with your boo. Make it a bet affair & its hangover will continue for months. 

The bet and stakes are up to you. Be as quirky, funny, and risky as you want. Remember, it should be a mutual thing. 

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The “Real” Planned Date

Surprise your partner with something unique on this day. Take a day off because this date idea requires a little planning, maybe a little more. Everything at home!  

  • Prepare a counter for the ticket.
  • Get a ticket prepared with a scanner.
  • A kiss to scan the ticket (wink). 
  • Entry to the decorated room with snacks of their choice and cricket props. 
  • Enjoy every moment together. 

The ‘Rivalry’ Date

If you two are supporting two different teams, it will automatically turn into a rivalry date – the most interesting, to be honest. 

The elements can include:

  • Pillow fight
  • Tease dance
  • Hitting each with popcorn 
  • Not talking to each other (Lol)
  • Making up for cute little fights
  • And many such moments you can laugh about later. 

With today’s t20 cricket match progressing, how’s your date going?

If you have more interesting ideas, please let us know in the comments below. 

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