10 Hottest Cricketers in Indian and Australian Cricket Team

hottest cricketers

Cricket is considered a religion in our country, and though cheesy, it’s true, some of these cricketers are truly Gods of good looks apart from being brilliant players.

These men have a great female fan following, and why not? After all, they are not just good with their bats but also superb at making their hearts flutter every single time.

So, who are the hottest cricketers, Indian and Australian, after whom all females must surely look out for? Let’s find out.

1. Virat Kohli

With his aggressive yet swashbuckling attitude both on the ground and through his charismatic dancing and acting skills in many advertisements.

He has become the most desirable man in the Indian cricket team and the first one to watch out for in the match. Anushka’s so lucky to have gotten this sexy cricketer.

Virat Kohli

2. Mitchell Johnson

This fast swing bowler has a raw appeal to him that is just too attractive to resist. His half-smile and rugged look can make any woman’s heart skip a beat…. Definitely, one of the hottest cricketers to look out for.

Mitchell JohnsonImage source

3. Shikhar Dhawan

There can be no desi girl who wouldn’t turn into a puddle with just a look of this cricketer known for his cropped haircut and the mustache that has become the very definition of the very desirable, rugged, and ultra-macho man. Isn’t he the perfect desi sexy cricketer out there?

Shikhar DhawanImage source

4. Shane Watson

One of the best all-rounders of International cricket, Shane has a robust body with a cute face that has the power to make any girl swoon over him. Not a sexy cricketer, but one of the cutest out there for sure.

Shane WatsonImage source

5. MS Dhoni

If you’re someone who’s into decent guys, here we present to you the Captain Cool! The cool captain of the Indian cricket team had made an entry into the hearts of his female cricket fans with his calm demeanor and simplistic attitude. His smile is one of the things to watch out for. One of the hottest smiles on the Indian cricket team.

MS DhoniImage source

6. Rohit Sharma

Apart from being the stronghold of the team and his accomplishments as a cricketer, his dimpled cheeks make the girls sigh every time he appears on their TV screen. Rohit Sharma is the ideal Sharma Ji Ka Beta in the Indian cricket team whose cute smile you should check out.

Rohit SharmaImage source

7. Glenn Maxwell

It makes him quite tempting when this sexy cricketer blessed with such innocent eyes and chocolaty looks gets equally aggressive on the field. He has a huge female fan following who would eagerly watch out for him in this match.

Glenn MaxwellImage source

8. Ravindra Jadeja

This true Rajput with his alluring mustache is a heartthrob of many. Jadeja sir is definitely on their wishlist due to the exquisitely royal and enticing appeal about him. Moreover, Jadeja is by far one of the sexiest cricketers out there on the Indian cricket team.

Ravindra JadejaImage source

9. Michael Clarke

This Aussie has a smile that can melt any woman’s heart like butter on toast. He is someone to look out for in the semi-finals with his mature performance as a cricketer and his well-sculpted body.

Michael ClarkeImage source

10. Mitchell Starc

With that cute boyish charm about him, no girl’s heart can keep from racing as this fast bowler makes his bid, be it bowling or giving that charming smile that turns you into molten chocolate. Definitely among the ones to look out for.

Mitchell StarcImage source

These were the hottest cricketers in the Indian and Australian teams. Let us know which Cricketer did you like the most.

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