Casual Dating Vs. Exclusivity

casual dating vs relationship

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A one-off romantic rendezvous or the roller coaster of a long-term relationship, both these experiences have a thrill of their own. But it’s better to know what is just a casual dating spree and what has turned into a serious relationship that is casual dating vs serious dating

You wouldn’t want to ruin your ‘friends with benefits’ status or get your own heartbroken. So here are a few differences between casual relationship vs serious relationship.

Take the quiz and let me know what phase are you at – Casual Relationship Vs Serious Relationship:

#1 Are you exclusive?

Yes: If you answered yes, you probably are on the route to a long-term relationship.

No: In casual dating, it is silly to expect exclusivity when you’re just in the dating phase. Don’t mistake a ‘Friends with benefit’ status for a relationship, have such a talk early on to avoid miscommunication.

If you’ve labeled your relationship, then exclusivity becomes a ground-rule. If you hadn’t had this talk with your partner, well, now is a better time than any.

#2 How long have you been dating?

Just a couple of months: Well, most relationships need time, so if you’re just starting out, the best thing to do is enjoy the honeymoon period until it lasts. Get to know each other, have fun, and see where the path leads you. You’ll know when you’re ready and when you just never will be.

At least a year: 12 months is a long time, and the length of a relationship can impact its depth. So if you’ve crossed the big 12 or are nearing it, well, I guess it is safe to say you’re headed to the serious zone.

#3 What’s your investment?

We try to stay in touch: When you’re in a casual dating phase, you tend to lose touch. You’re having a great time for an entire week, and then suddenly you don’t meet that often or ever.

We are always together: Serious relationships require time and effort; you cannot be absent for too long or you begin to feel that the relationship is neglected. When you start missing the person and noticing the long absence, it’s a sign that you’re ready to take the relationship one notch higher.

#4 Have you spoken about the future?

If you mean where we are going tomorrow, yes, otherwise NO!: When you’re in a causal relationship, you do not plan. You enjoy the ride and make decisions as they come. It’s a very impulsive and fun journey.

About absolutely everything:

Intentions of spending the future together is a part of serious relationships. People plan years; they are open to big discussions like marriage, family life, kids, etc. It may not be concrete, but the thoughts cross their minds. So if this sounds familiar, then have no doubt, you’ve found a keeper.

It’s a fun and crazy journey from just being in a casual dating relationship to being serious. You have your first date, first kiss, first movie, first fight, it’s all worth remembering, and the memories make the journey worthwhile.

So take the test and tell me how you fare and what sort of a relationship you are in. Are you in a casual dating relationship or serious?

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