‘Will you go out with me?’- Women Can Ask Men Out Too!

‘Will you go out with me?’- Women Can Ask Men Out Too!

This is a guest post by one of our favourite young men, Dhruv Raj Gupta. He’s a start-up whiz, knows a fair bit about women, and has very graciously chosen to let us in on some of the secrets that men hide when faced with a potential ‘wound‘ by Cupid’s arrow.

Style #1 – Outrageous

Nikita – Hey cutie, *winks, walks up close*, you want to go to the disco with me?

Nikhil – *Baffled, astonished, and feeling cocky* Sure, but you’ve got to buy my drinks. *winks*

Lesson: Play to the boy’s ego; if he’s feeling too manly *mustache/heavy beard + gruff accent*, don’t ask him out, instead talk about home and his mother. If he’s shy, probe him like above!

Style #2 – From the movies!

Nikita – Hey, you! There, in the corner, shall we?

Nikhil – Who me? *hoping she says yes*. Where to?

Nikita – How about we crash the 11 PM show? Maybe if things go well, we can make this a habit? *winks*

Lesson: Every guy wants to be asked out, just too shy to admit; if you think you’re into him, give it a shot, be a little bold with a movie one-liner to get over the awkwardness in case it crashes!

Style #3 – Where there’s a will, there’s a way!


Nikita – Listen, no, I think we shouldn’t be just friends. <3

Nikhil – Huh?

Nikita – I mean, coming to think of it, we’re always chatting about so much. <3

Nikhil: What’s that funny symbol you end convos with?

Nikita – Oh! It’s love.

Nikhil – *Faints*

Lesson: Don’t be scared to punch in your feelings bluntly, tell him what’s going on, ask him to take you out before he’s out!

Style #4 – Done and done!

On the phone……….

Nikita – Will you go out with me?

Nikhil – Sure, let me think actually, let me ask my parents first.

Nikita – *Awed and confused* your parents?

Nikhil – Yes, I tell them everything.

Nikita – ……………….

Lesson: Boys tell their moms everything, period. Trying to ask him out, do it face to face, phone calls hide so much emotion!

Style #5 – Is this a date?

Nikhil and Nikita have seen each other for a while, going for movies, coffees, lunches, walks, etc.

Nikita – So, you want to be my boyfriend or what?

Nikhil – *foolish grin* – K, I think we should make it public now.

Nikita – Whoa whoa whoa, who said anything about making it public? We have to wait for that.

Lesson: Dudes love telling the world about you if they are sure, what’s the harm? 

Hope you go out (pun not intended), ask that interesting person whom you met the other day out on a date, don’t be shy; we’ve all goofed up!

– More in a fortnight!

Dhruv Raj Gupta

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