16 Simple Tips on How to Make Guys Fall in Love With You Crazily

how to make guys fall in love with you

When a man falls in love with you, are your efforts counted? Confused? Keep reading! 

Love is magical, mysterious, and unexplainable. Is love random like it seems in movies? Not really! There are efforts by two people to fall in love with each other head over heels.

There could be times when feelings and attraction flow naturally, but most of the time, a cupid’s arrow must hit the man of your dreams to fall for you. 

So if you’re developing feelings for this guy and the same is not getting reciprocated, don’t be discouraged. There’s always a way, girl!  

Want to know how to make guys fall in love with you? Get familiar with these tips, and the result will blow your mind!

#1 Try To Involve In Some Adventurous Activities Together

Create experiences with each other. It forms an illusion that you both have known one another for a long time. Also, doing activities together that release adrenaline is great for activating feelings. 

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#2 Eye Contact Works Like A Charm

If you’re wondering, this is how to make him fall in love with you? We would say YES! 

I am still unable to figure out why the magic of EYE CONTACT is so underrated and why people find it cliche.

Eye contact speaks a thousand words without uttering a single alphabet. It’s an amazing way to arouse sexual tension in a man. 

#3 Get Playfully Physical With Him In A Healthy Way

By this, I mean

  • A playful punch when he cracks a joke
  • A proud pat when he said something smart
  • You can put your hands on his shoulder
  • A subtle hug maybe when there’s a need

It makes him think he has a chance with you. 

Don’t be handsy, please. He should feel comfortable too. 

#4 Look Your Best Whenever You’re Around Him

how to make guys fall for you
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Your next question is how to attract a man physically? There you go! 

Not even for once, we are saying that you have to look like a supermodel to impress him. The idea here is that you must look your best when you have an outing plan with your special man. 

Your hair should be done nicely, choose a good outfit, and carry your best self. At the end of the day, appearance matters. 

#5 Be Nice To Him

Boys often complain that girls have attitude problems, and it’s a big turn-off for them. They also complain about girls being less cordial that repels them. 

If you’re a girl who’s fun to be around with zero attitude problems and a charming personality, it’s a catch for you. 

#6 Don’t Come Out To Be an Overly Accommodating Lady

Men hate to be in a relationship with a woman who’s overbearing and over-anxious. An ideal relationship for them is one with independence. Don’t overcharge yourself. 

When trying to make him fall for you, let him know you’re an independent lady with your own life, and he can have his. You won’t realize, but it attracts men. 

#7 Listen To Him

What attracts men to women is when a girl is paying attention to what he has to say. 

what attracts men to women
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People love to talk about themselves, right? If you’re trying to woo your favorite man, make sure you’re listening to him. It gives him a clear sign that you’re interested in him. 

#8 He’s Special. Why? Let Him Know!

If you’ve come this long way where you’re trying to make him yours, there must be something really special about him that you totally adore. Chances are your crush himself doesn’t know he’s a charmer.

Trust me; it’s going to work like magic if you tell him what made you choose him and not the other men around.

Tell him why you can’t stop thinking about him. Tell him why you want him. The next thing you know is that now he can’t stop thinking about you too (wink). 

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#9 Laugh Around Him

Did you know that laughter is a secret mantra to attract someone? Yes, it is! 

Laugh even when his joke is the lamest you’ve heard to date (Lol).

A great sense of humor is a big thumbs up. 

#10 How to Make Guys Fall in Love With You? Compliment Him

Men also love it when women praise them. Genuine compliments make them respond in a positive way.

how to make him fall in love with you
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They would know when you’re faking it (LOL). Please be genuine and don’t do it for the sake of doing it. 

#11 Mirror Him. Let Him Know You Guys Would Make A Perfect Pair

  • Laugh when he’s laughing
  • Use words or sentences he speaks often
  • Order what he likes
  • Try to sit like him
  • Try to match his attitude a bit and so on. 

Mirroring him would unconsciously create attraction between you too.

A tip of advice here would be to let him take care of the masculine movements. Do not try to imitate EVERYTHING. 

#12 Is a Little Bit Of Jealousy Fine? Yes, It Is!

Men won’t admit it, but they absolutely love it when you get jealous that he’s hanging out with other girls. You don’t have to overload him with jealousy, but let him know how it makes you feel. 

#13 Try Making Him Jealous Too!

Now let’s reverse the jealousy psychology. It’s his turn to feel jealous, which creates a risk of losing you.

when a man falls in love
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He’s not going to like it if his subconscious mind has feelings for you that his conscious mind has not admitted yet. 

Let him realize he wants you too. 

#14 Flirting? A Big Yes!

Flirting is the apt tip for the question: how to make guys fall for you.

Don’t expect your dream boy to fall for you if you fail at flirting. 

Your man might fail to catch other subtle signs that you’re throwing at him, but flirting is something different.

He would instantly know what you’re up to. Next time when you see him, you will notice a change. Good news? 

#15 Do Not Change, Don’t Try To Change Him Either

Girls have this tendency to mold things and situations into their favor if it’s not working. It, sometimes, also includes changing their partner or themselves in order to achieve perfection. 

Refrain from doing so. Fall for each other for who you are. 

how to attract a man physically
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#16 Be Patient

Your question about how to make guys fall in love with you has emotions attached to it; that’s not an overnight thing.

Please remember things are going to take time. Be patient, and don’t lose your cool if things aren’t working as you expected them to be. 

There could be cases where despite trying hard, you fail to develop feelings in your crush. That’s absolutely fine. Maybe he’s not the one for you. 

Good luck with your journey of making him fall for you! 

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