15 Things That Go Through the Mind of a Girl When She’s on an Amazing First Date

First Date Thoughts

When on her first date, a woman has tons of First Date Thoughts swarming inside her head. Mind you, she is mostly judging you. But you can’t blame the girl here.

She’s only testing water and so she needs to be careful and observant, for only then can she know if you are a keeper or does she need to let you go.

So, when she does happen to have a great first date, this is what goes through her mind. Better make a list guys, you’ll need them if you want to woo her.

#1 I hope I’m dressed all right. It’s not too revealing, is it? Or too short?!! OMG!!

first-date-1-deepika-chennai-express-worried-scared-tenseImage source/ UTV Motion Pictures

Be very very careful while answering this question. This one’s a little tricky that makes her judge you in two to three sentences.

She’s definitely hoping for an answer that sounds like this; You look amazing, This color suits you, You look pretty, and so on.

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#2 You Are Not Planning On Complimenting Her? Oops!

You Are Not Planning On Complimenting Her?Image source

It’s not like you have to follow this complement ritual in the beginning. Tell her she is looking good in the middle of the conversation to add some more value to it.

#3 A Rose…? So, Typical. Could You Do a Little Better?

first-date-2-katrina-ssceptical-thinking-judging-jab-tak-hai-jaanImage source/ Yash Raj Films

Put a little thought into what you should be giving her when you meet her for the first time rather than simply going with this cliched idea, A Rose!

#4 Mmm… Pendrive for Gift?!! Wow!! So, He Did His Homework. Impressive.

first-date-3-wow-surprise-impressed-ileana-dcruz-main-tera-heroImage source/ T-Series

Tell her we’ll be storing all our beautiful memories in this. This shows your confidence in a way she just can’t ignore! 

#5 Pulling a Chair for Me? You Are Courteous. But Let’s Just Wait Till You Talk to the Waiter.

first-date-4-parineeti-chopra-hasee-toh-phasee-judging-youImage source/ Dharma Productions

Doesn’t matter how you look, how you talk, or how you walk, disrespecting the waiter is a clear turnoff. So, instead of making all those annoying noises, please be respectful!

#6 Compliment Once Again? Go For It Buddy!

first-date-5-shy-laugh-shraddha-kapoorImage source

Hold on! Where’s the compliment I had been working on for the past 3 hours in the parlor?!! All right there it comes. Ohh… you! Please don’t embarrass me!

#7 Offering Me The Menu First, Pouring Water For Me, Smiling Warmly… Hmm… So Far So Good.

first-date-6-eyeing-suspiciously-arrogant-proud-aishwarya-rai-action-replayyImage source/ PVR Pictures- Hari Om Entertainment Co.- Sunshine Pictures Pvt. Ltd

You’ll have to trust this guy, this is how a woman’s mind sounds when you do all that she was hoping for. So, keep impressing and keep reading for more ideas!

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#8 My My. He’s Confident! Look How He’s Asserting On Our Order Being Mixed Up. And He’s Not Even Raising His Voice! Ohh… What A Gentleman.

first-date-7-dostana-priyanka-chopra-judging-cool-smile-confidentImage source/ Dharma Productions

Were you planning to let go if the waiter decides to mess up your order? Please make changes in your plan right away! She likes the way you deal with things with such politeness and command in your voice. She won’t mind going on more dates with you my friend!

#9 Oh No! Why Did I Order A Spinach Lasagne?!! Please, God Let The Leaf Not Be Stuck Between My Teeth! He’s Breezing It Off..!! Wow! He’s Funny And Thoughtful!

first-date-8-laugh-happy-katrina-enjoyImage source/ Yash Raj Films

Don’t make her feel embarrassed of these trivial eating incidents. Rather turn it to your own advantage by doing a little funny act that would be in your advantage. She would feel light and comfortable.

#10 Hmm… You Are Interested In Knowing Me. Good. I Like You Are Listening And Not Having Your Eyes Wander Off Down My Top.

fierst-date-9-anushka-approve-happy-content-satisfid-smileImage source

The key is, pay attention to what she is saying. Get involved if required, and never ever sound like you don’t care. You can’t make her feel not so important even if it’s the first date and you don’t know how things would turn out with her eventually!

#11 Drawing Me A Picture Of Your Childhood, Friends, And Your Likes! But No Boasting?!! Amazing! Can It Get Any Better?!

first-date-10-lunch-date-aamir-priety-zinta-dil-chahta-hai-restaurant-eat-dineImage source/ Excel Entertainment

First date thoughts are not letting you sleep? Go with this simple formula. Try to be the real version of yourself, no matter what. They say girls know when a boy is lying, and they are right. Refrain from boasting as it would not work in your benefit, at all!

#12 OMG! You Like Hiking? Play Basketball?!! It’s Awesome How Happy You Are With Your Life. I’m Already Feeling So Alive Around You!

first-date-11-excited-wow-surprised-katrina-bang-bangImage source/ Fox Star Studios- 20th Century Fox

Show her your sporty, lively side and you are sure to win some brownie points. Girls love it when they get to know that their partner is very much into sports and stuff.

#13 I Really Had A Wonderful Evening. And The Way You’re Holding My Hand So Gently To Say Goodbye… Mmm… Cherry On The Top!

crush-12-deepika-smile-speechless-love-saif-love-aaj-kalImage source/ Eros International

Don’t shy away from giving her a memorable goodbye even if it means a gentle hug or holding her hands. You are afraid she would mind it? She won’t if it’s comforting and friendly.

#14 Can I Kiss You?!! Won’t You?!!

first-date-preity-zinta-kal-ho-na-ho-expectant-thinking-charmedImage source/ Yash Raj Films

Two to three hours are enough to know whether the girl would mind a goodbye kiss on her cheeks or not. It’s okay if you won’t kiss her. But what if she expects one? 

#15 I Hope You Call Me.

call-meImage source / Featured Image Source/ Eros International

Rather than saying I will call you, try saying I hope you call me. This simple change could make a big difference. 

Was your mind flooded with First Date Thoughts? We hope this blog helped you.

Let us know how you first date was in the comments below.

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