Virtual Date Ideas for Socially Distanced Couples During Lockdown

virtual date ideas

10 months have passed, and the only dating I have been doing is accommoDATING. That’s enough about me. Do you have any socially distanced date ideas for me? O god! I need to stop now. 

If dating wasn’t taboo enough in our society, the lockdown has solidified this ordeal. Matlab, pehle toh ladka-ladki ko saath dekhkar mooh se “Haye Rabba” nikalta tha.

Ata Maitrīṇa – Priyakar seen publicly together AND social-distancing… In the words of Sima Aunty (not really), “Kay chalalaya, this is a Mismatch Made in Heaven.”

But, not all hope is lost. The creative geniuses of the world have created platforms where you can go on virtual dates, without even going out. That’s what we call new post lockdown dating methods. 

TrulyMadly is the first step, but then what? Tumhe girl/boyfriend banaliya but ab kya?

Pressure Mounts: taking your significant others on a date.

Here’s a two-word solution for everyone: Netflix Party. Netflix Party is this new feature that allows people to watch movies together while being in different places. Isn’t it an interesting dating post lockdown kind of thing we all have been looking for? 

This new feature is *chef’s kiss*. It gives you a similar experience of being with your partner without actually being in a theatre in the same space. This is how lockdown relationships are surviving (lol).  

You can see your partner, chat with them and still enjoy that movie. If you both have popcorn, then nothing like it.

Dating during lockdown was hard, but staying in touch was tough too for friends and everybody. (All the single people out there, don’t worry. There are no terms and conditions that you have to be dating to use this feature. You can watch movies with your friends also).

If you don’t want to watch a movie and want to participate in recreational activities, there are multiple websites where you can meet up and play games with one another, and trust me; they are HILARIOUS. 

If you’re not familiar with discord, it is a virtual interactive platform that allows you to talk to each other while playing games.

Games such as are fan favorites. It is an online Pictionary game where one person draws something, and the other person has to guess what the drawing is…

It is a sure-shot guide to “How to argue with your lover in under 30 mins” because “HOW DID YOU GUESS SO FAST? I BET YOU CHEATED.”

Please do not cheat. I am serious.

If you are looking for variety, the ideas for virtual dates are many. Pick and enjoy any. 

But this brings me to another point: Is dating in this lockdown really such a big deal?


People have been doing it for decades. It’s called LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIPS – just Rebranded!! It’s a lovely marketing strategy.

It’s like saying, “Sir, we have made Coke, now let’s also make Diet Coke and Coke Zero, which taste the same but are branded differently so that people don’t find out.”

“But what about dating post-Covid?”

Things won’t be the absolute same after the lockdown is eased or even lifted, but that doesn’t mean that dating cannot be enjoyed to its maximum potential. There are tons of virtual date ideas creating headlines. Go for them! 

If you insist on being “physical,” – do it with a 2-meter distance. If you want to go the extra mile and hold hands, nicely put on one pair of gloves and hold hands. Don’t go around holding hands casually without gloves.

People may or may not find it a bit awkward to go on “dates” after the Lockdown is lifted or even when the Pandemic is over. Virtual date ideas during lockdown are like the light at the end of the tunnel. However, it is important that you make the most of it because even if you have to maintain social distance, remember: (Social) Distance makes the heart grow fonder.

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