Pangs of Separation: Things to Do in a Long Distance Relationship

things to do in a long distance relationship

Hai hai yeh majboori. Yeh Mausam aur yeh doori.

Covid times! Long-Distance! Communicating during pandemic! Time seems to have stopped. The only shining light on the distant horizon is to be cooped up somewhere with your love interest.

Hours of Coochie Coo. Possible? Not totally, maybe! So whatever it is that you need to enjoy, do it from inside your house. 

Pangs of love are real. What can be done? A lot! 

18 Things to Do in a Long Distance Relationship

  1. Do not stop sending gifts/flowers to your partner whenever possible. 
  2. Thanks to the internet for taking the lead in every possible way. Now you can have a unique experience of watching a movie together while being miles apart. Plan movie dates. 
  3. Online games are also a great way to have fun together. 
  4. Video chat? Very obvious? Required and important! Don’t forget to click some moments while you both are on the video call to send each other later on.
  5. There will be times when you both might run out of topics to keep the conversation going. For those moments, try 100 Questions Game with your partner to unveil more about each other. For couples in LDR, it’s great long distance relationship advice.
  6.  You can also send funny and romantic ecards to your love interest. 
  7.  Never neglect your intimacy. Keep sending each other naughty stuff as per your level of comfortability. It helps maintain the spark. 
  8. Sexting is also one of the great ways of keeping the craving alive. Communicating during a pandemic is not that complex if two really want to keep it going.
  9. Once in a while, share a handwritten letter with your partner for an old-world romance. 
  10. Truth or dare? Sounds fun, right? There are a plethora of websites and applications working hard every day to make your virtual experiences moments to cherish.  
  11. You keep sending them text messages all day. Try video messages for a very special touch. They are going to love it. 
  12. We know you are not great at it, but that’s the beauty of this activity. Try writing poems for each other. It’s one of the fun long distance relationship things to do. 
  13. Enroll both of you together for a new skill or activity online. That way, you’ll add to your time together in a day, plus a new skill is on your way. Tada. 
  14. Share the playlist of your favorite songs with your partner. 
  15. Counter the pangs of separation by maintaining a journal. Keep all your pictures and other souvenirs. 
  16. One of our personal favorites is the thought jar. Write down your thoughts on a piece of paper that you wanted to share with your partner but couldn’t somehow. Collect it in a jar. Whenever you guys meet next, share the jar with each other. For the next LDR duration, you have a lot to discuss. 
  17. Online date nights. Yes, it’s a thing now.
  18. Share pictures every day. 

There’s no limit on the number of things to do in a long distance relationship and keep all the spark, love, and romance alive.

Disappear into your own space that’s personal and owned by you two and no one else. Fix a time when the two of you could be free, and soon you will have an entire lexicon of “remember when it was Covid or LDR when we used to…”

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