Best Romantic Restaurants in Delhi for a Perfect Date

romantic restaurants in delhi

Let’s be honest, we all have been tired of sitting in our homes, waiting for things to get normal. But, it seems like it isn’t happening anytime soon. So, we have to find a way to live with it. So we’ve finally decided to write down one of the most demanded topics by Delhiites, a list of romantic restaurants in Delhi.

Deciding what to do for a first date could itself be a hard nut to crack. But, if you’re finalising romantic restaurants in Delhi for your date, then this blog is for you. 

Diggin – Chanakyapuri

Diggin - Chanakyapuri

Diggin gives you the look and feel of a fairytale out of a novel. Based out in the Indian Air Force station’s leafy Santushti Shopping Complex, Diggin has an aura that reflects in the furniture that’s used. From spiral chairs, wooden benches, to white chairs and hand-railing of staircase, you will surely find the theme of this restaurant, one of the best places to date in Delhi.

Diggin hosts of some of the tastiest food to have with your partner. A normal lunch for a couple may cost around INR 2500. Thus, making it a great place for a lunch or romantic dinner in Delhi.

QLA – Mehrauli

QLA - Mehrauli

QLA is a good choice for romantic restaurants in Delhi. Setup in an open sky with lanterns hanging from the tree in the premises. The restaurant hosts jazz music in low volume that’s audible enough and allows you to easily listen to your partner’s voice. QLA is a good place to have continental food. QLA offers both, indoor and outdoor seating options and costing may vary for both options.

The food is best served when you ask an Exec Chef to present his dishes course-by-course. A usual lunch at QLA costs around INR 3000 for a couple.

The Kylin Experience

Kylin Experience

Kylin is a skybar that’s based out in Vasant Vihar’s Ambience Mall’s 3rd Floor. You’re surely going to enjoy a dinner at this romantic restaurant in Delhi. Kylin is quite popular for its Chinese, Thai, Malaysian, and Japanese food. The ambience is often decorated differently. At times you can expect white sheets being curled around the poles, or flowers being used. Furniture is also quite an attraction here. You get comfy sofas on which you can relax and talk to your partner while your food is being prepared.

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Fio Country Kitchen and Bar

Fio Country Kitchen and Bar

Fio’s seating is surrounded by lush greenery, with music that’s like a cherry on the top. The wooden chairs and table give it quite a lavish look. Food is on top the major reason why people return for spending their weekends every now and then. This romantic cafe in Delhi is located in the Garden of Five Senses. For a date, you can choose to go with their Italian or Indian dishes which are a bang on the tongue. A normal lunch or romantic dinner in Delhi’s Fio Country Kitchen and Bar may cost around INR 3200.

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Sevilla, The Claridges

Sevilla is the perfect romantic restaurant in Delhi that offers a great ambience for proposing someone. The restaurant hoards a tree that almost works like a Mistletoe under which you can kiss your partner if your proposal gets accepted. Candle lights, Cabanas, water flowing on the boundaries, decorated curtains, comfortable seating, raised platforms and water flowing under the platform, make it to the best places to visit for date in Delhi. A usual romantic dinner in Delhi at this restaurant may cost around INR 2800.

Kiyan Roseate

Kiyan Roseate

Kiyan is a great choice of romantic cafes in Delhi if you’re looking for a dine that fills your gluttony appetite. You can walk around the premises, feel the fresh air in the greenery, and relish the food that’s being served with love and care. The view from windows is by far the best that adds to the food here. In terms of expenses, the restaurant is quite a thing on your wallet. A usual romantic lunch or dinner in this restaurant may cost you around INR 5000.

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On The Waterfront

On The Waterfront

One The Waterfront has two menus – a normal menu and bar menu. It’s a high-end luxury romantic restaurant in Delhi offering Italian, European, Indian, and Chinese food. With a vast range of food items to choose from, you can go with Seafood and Chinese food. The restaurant has a brilliant ambience surrounded by running water. It’s a great place to propose someone by the waters and enjoy a good time together. A normal dinner in this restaurant may cost you around INR 5000 because of all the lavishes included.

Tres, Lodhi Colony

Tres, Lodhi Colony

Tres is a both indoor and outdoor offering romantic restaurant in Delhi. You can expect a good appetite in an introductory price range. The outdoor seating is almost always full for dinners. So, be sure to book your table in advance. The indoor seating is also a good choice. But can’t be compared to the outdoors. Servicing is quick and a usual table for two may cost you around INR 3000.

As a pro tip, you should be prepared to spend a good amount of money to have a soothing time. Due to covid-19 scenario, you can also expect these restaurants to have curtailed on a few services or timings or menu items. It’s recommended to call the restaurant before booking a table so you don’t have to spend time extra or find hidden charges on your booking.

So, these were the best romantic restaurants in Delhi where you can go with your partner for the next time. This list of romantic cafes in Delhi is also a good choice for second dates as well. Have you also been on a date in a restaurant? Let us know about your experience in the comments below. If you have any suggestions regarding a restaurant to be included in this list, text us on Instagram.

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