Couples Separated by Covid, United by Love: Long Distance Covid Relationship!

long distance covid relationship

Some words that have dominated the entire covid scene have to be isolation, quarantine, masks, social-distancing, and sanitizer.

The whole new concept of long distance covid love that couples are coping with is putting their love and relationship to the test.

When seen with a lens of positivity, the same long distance covid relationship allows the couple to measure their relationship in a different light.

And when the world would be healthy again, there would be more appreciation, more gratitude, more understanding, and more love. 

In the garden of love, the seed of covid distance must not be watered. What if the seed is still growing, and you can’t help it?

With all the positivity in our hearts, many long distance covid 19 challenges can’t be overlooked. For example, couples are separated because one has to relocate to be with the family, couples unable to meet because of strict rules and guidelines, couples voluntarily staying away from each other because the risk outside is way too high. 

We know there are many questions couples want answers to. To guide and help you cope with long distance during covid, we are here with your answers. Read on! 

What to Do When the Path of the Relationship Becomes Tough With Long Distance Covid Challenges?

long distance covid

When the world is finding solutions to some really tough problems, yours is still an easy one. There’s no denying that Covid Time has stretched the issues countless times, but you always have an answer!

With technology giving new hopes and opportunities, use is to connect with your partner in a long distance covid relationship

You can each day feel that you are with them. 

  • Cook together 
  • Chill together 
  • Watch movies and shows together 
  • Play some fun games

There are countless applications out there to help you stay connected. For days when these things aren’t possible, do not forget to tell them that you missed them each second. Cultivate love and intimacy each day! 

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For the Couple Suddenly Forced Into a Long Distance Covid Relationship, What’s the Way Out?

long distance covid 19

For them, the communication gap becomes the main issue. They don’t know how to decode the episode where one person hasn’t texted the entire day.

They fail to understand what that means. There would also be episodes where one partner needs space, and the other would crave conversation and intimacy. In that case,

  • Where were you? 
  • Tell me what you did the entire day? 
  • Don’t you love me or what? What’s wrong with you? 

Refrain from asking such questions. Rather ask connecting questions like: 

  • I was worried for you, are you okay? 
  • I was missing you. 
  • I hope everything is fine? 
  • Need some help? 

It will make a lot of difference!

How to Deal With All the Misunderstandings That Somehow Managed to Make a Way in the Relationship?

There are two kinds of people dealing with long distance during covid. 

One thinks distance makes the heart grow fonder. 

Another group is enveloped with insecurity and anxiety. 

  • First things first, understand where it’s all coming from and discuss it with your partner. 
  • Find a way out before the situation feels out of control. 
  • Address all your long distance covid 19 relationship problems, and one-by-one work on them. 

The time is tough, but let your relationship be smooth! 

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When the Craving to Be With Each Other Physically Is Hard to Cope With, How Do Couples Fill This Gap?

Do you call it the hardest part of a long distance covid relationship? Well, it is! There’s nothing that would fully suffice for cuddles, kisses, hugs, and intimacy. But always remember, there are still ways to bring some amount of intimacy back into your relationship until you meet them. 

long distance during covid

What you can do is:

  • You can always flirt openly with your partner. Couples are free of barriers when it comes to flirting; therefore, make the most of it to feel loved and wanted! 
  • Sexting or phone sex is yet another way to bring back lost intimacy. It would definitely maintain the spark, and doing it often would keep your relationship healthy. 

The circumstances outside are indeed upsetting, but we cannot live without moments of joys and happiness with our partner we love as human beings with feelings and emotions!

Is Expecting a Lot and Relying on Your Partners Wrong? Could It Turn Out to Be Bad and Unhealthy?

Clearly, it’s putting a lot of pressure on your partner. To put it this way, everyone is dealing with one thing or the other in these tough times, and a long distance covid 19 relationships is an added pressure. 

Rather than putting it all on them, teamwork sounds great, right? Or how about a realistic approach? 

  • Consider meditation as it’s an outstanding stress buster. It will calm your senses!
  • Talking is great therapy. Talk to a close friend and discuss some anecdotes. Laugh it out, and you will feel better! 
  • Always read for at least 15 minutes before sleeping. 
  • Take long walks. It will keep your mental and physical health in check. Don’t forget your mask, please!
  • Last but not least would be, DO WHATEVER THAT MAKES YOU HAPPY! (keep safety on top) 

long distance covid 19

You can take advice any day and tell them what you’re going through, but be equally considerate of their mindset and needs. 

Will This Long Distance Covid Relationship Be an Eye-opener? Can There Be a Lot of Revelations, Both Good and Bad?


Firstly, there can be many elephants in the room that are going unnoticed. Your relationship in a bubble isn’t able to address them and see them as problems. 

Secondly, you forgot to appreciate all the small things you were experiencing with your partner. It was all feeling like a routine and responsibility.

Thirdly, all the challenges and complexities that would come your way would tell the reality of your relationship. 

The long distance during covid would tell a lot about where you stand as a couple. You’ll either come of it stronger than over, or you’d know it’s time to part ways! 

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