How to Propose a Boy – A Complete Guide

how to propose a boy

Being on the verge of your relation when you realize that it is him! It is he who should be the guy you wake up with and share all your life with. You end up spending hours on YouTube to learn how to propose a boy and eventually finding all the gurus selling their course for a hefty amount. Or you could simply read this blog on how to propose a boy on chat or text or in real life.

Before we begin, here’s a real-life story of Kanchan (Name changed) and Nitin (Name changed), who started dating each other. Kanchan went through a breakup the other day, and today she met Nitin. She cried on Nitin’s shoulder, and he said, that I won’t start dating someone until you start dating someone. Intrigued by the question, she asked, “what made you say that?” Nitin replied, “We have known each other from our childhood. And you’ll always be my first priority. But, if I start dating someone, then that person won’t like seeing you crying on my shoulder.”

They both observed a deep silence. Kanchan uttered, “Then why don’t you date me?” And this is how Kanchan proposed a boy without even making it dramatic like the way we have seen in movies.

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How to Propose a Boy on Text – via Love Letters

Whoever said love letters are outdated never actually received a heartfelt love letter. Love letters will forever remain on the top of any list of how to propose a boy on text! If you are some of those lucky children who have had their hands on the love letters their grandfather wrote to their grandmother, you’ll understand the purity they hold.

If you are also looking for the best way to make sure your feelings reach the girl, this is it! A love letter is surely one of the most working ways to ensure that the girl knows, but it could be really difficult to write one. If you’re not a writer and find it hard to express your feelings in writing, you may end up taking a week or a few more days.

Let’s talk about how to propose a boy in text

how to propose a boy on text

One of the first things you can do is inform his best friend that you have decided to propose to him. Then you both can create a WhatsApp group, share a few collages of all three of you. Segregate the images into two categories – a few collages of you and your guy; and the other set containing images of all three of you. Write a few good lines about all three of you. Write a few good things about what makes you propose to him, and there you go. You can make use of this proposal style on text.

Another way to propose a boy in text could be dropping the hints. It’s not really recommended to propose a boy in text if you are not sure how he may behave. And this is why it’s recommended to drop hints and move to meeting him in the real world. 

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How to propose a boy out in the real world?

We know this is exactly what you wanted to know after the last line. So, here’s a quick and easy way to propose a boy out in the real world.

Meet in a quiet restaurant

how to propose a boy on chat

Meeting in a quiet ambience could help you guys talk about the things that matter to you. Also, a little jazz music can make it happening for both of you. You won’t have to mug up how to propose a boy because most of the moves will go one after the other.

An intimate massage

If you both are comfortable with intimacy and some steamy moments, you can make the most of this moment. While he’s relaxing and enjoying the dopamine rush in his entire body, he’s most probably going to say a yes to your proposal at that time. And if it is a yes, you surely what to indulge in, the next!

Make a playlist for him and dance with him

how to propose a boy

One of the most romantic ways to propose a boy is by making a playlist for him. Well, that’s not all. You have to make sure you both enjoy the moment. Dance with him, don’t worry about the steps. As Nike says, “Just do it!”

Try creating an environment

A perfect proposal doesn’t exist. Not only that, there are people who have proposed to each other in densely remote areas as well. So, if you feel that you forgot something that you wanted to show to him, it’s also completely fine. Just play in the moment and hope for the best!

Relive a special moment

We all can think of at least one special moment that we have spent with our partners. And if you both have one common special moment, you can work on recreating it. Once you both are done, go about tweaking the moment and end it up with a sweet proposal. Tell him how all of this means so much to you and boom! There could be no better way to propose someone with the best outcome expectations.

Prepare for the worst and expect the least.

Now that you are all prepared to propose a guy, you also need to be prepared for a rejection. As much as you want him to accept your proposal, we also wish to have your proposal accepted. But, as the masters have said, “Prepare for the worst and expect the least.” Going through these lines, you should know that oftentimes, it’s not your proposal that went wrong, it was the person itself. So, don’t take it all on yourself. Take time to understand the reason for rejection.

So, these were the best ways to propose a boy as shared by the dating experts on TrulyMadly. Let us know how you proposed your partner. Write to us if you met your partner on TrulyMadly and get featured on our platform.  And that’s all it’s going to take to propose a guy.

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