How to Prepare for Baby? Crucial Points to Make Sure Before Planning Pregnancy


Are you looking for tips for new parents? Are you going to become parents? Planned parents or? Oops!!

Spiderman has spoken!! “With great pregnancy comes great responsibility”.

Yes, that is definitely what the quote is, no questions asked. Unwanted pregnancy scares are like those scenes in movies where the villain goes up to the protagonist and whispers in their ears, “it’s here”. 

How to plan for baby is a big question. You will get clarity. Keep reading

Recall the movies of yore, when the doctor walked up to the woman in the room and whispered to her or anyone at ear shot , “yeh maa banne wali hai”. Cues catastrophic music, mother of “yeh” falls to ground.

So let’s say, for you, this may be a life dream, to be pregnant, and have children. Ok. However do not forget the small print, ‘terms and conditions apply‘. The first, and probably the last condition is that the pregnancy should be planned and there’s good baby planning.

It is a scary situation to be in for both men and women, but more for the women. Pregnancy requires the same level of planning as a heist.

First, you need to make sure that you and your partner are on the same page and that they are ready to commit to it. Later some baby planning tips will help for sure. 

Second, you need to know that there will be consequences to what you are about to do and that there are risks involved. Finally, after it’s done, things will not be the same.

Some parenting tips for new parents.

#1 One of the best parenting tips would be emotional readiness!

First and very important is emotional readiness. Check your Relationship Quotient I say.  Pregnancy is not a solution to a shaky relationship. It comes with a lot of pressure in terms of support and understanding, for both men and women. By no means it’s like a walk in the park. So you better know each other’s abilities and capacities before you get started on the idea. Ensure you both as a team on very solid ground. Once a pregnancy happens, that very ground is going to go through some Richter Scale turbulence.

#2 How to prepare for baby? Are you financially strong?

The second is financial stability. Are you ready to take care of the baby and provide for them? Raising a child requires a lot of planning, especially for the woman since she may want to take a maternity leave to take care of the child, or even need to give up work. Especially if you don’t have reliable support at home, where’s the infant gonna go? Not to the factory with mom nor the salon with dad, yes?

Babies need money I tell you. From the time they get into mom till they… well… forever!! Hospi trips, nutrition for mom to be, tranquilizers for dad to be, doc costs, baby coming costs, shots injections, clothes (hell expensive little rags), and we are still just 3 months old!! Pregnant and Broke is no place to be.

#3 Are you physically ready?

Third and final level is physical planning. There will be changes. In all shapes and sizes, in wants and desires in ability and capability. Tayyar ho? Hormones dancing in her body and you enjoying episode 3 of The last Dance, with beer and Biryani on a hot Sunday afternoon. Not going to happen. Rather better not happen.


People, let your pregnancy be a well planned occasion, not an on the spot occurrence. The source of utmost joy and happiness not panic and flap! Be ready otherwise there will be 3 people crying and not just the One!

Wishes for becoming parents. Wait! Planned parents to be precise. 

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