How to Know Your Life Partner Well in Every Aspect!

how to know your life partner

In this blog, let us make you take a quick ‘how well do you know your partner sexually quiz’ and make you unlearn what’s useless. Do you think you know her/him well? There are a ton of things to know about your partner physically that you mistakenly believe is not important. 

  • Have we ever tried to know about our partner’s bodies as we try to ace a recipe? 
  • Do you know which part of the body is Va Va Voom and which part has always been a struggle? 
  • What “aspect” have they always flaunted and which have they always tried to play down? 
  • When do ‘her’ periods start and how does ‘his’ body express fatigue? 
  • Is your partner OKAY with you touching them in public?
  • Are there parts of their body which are sensitive and are there parts of the body that trigger off memories they are not comfortable with?

These are some of the things you should know about your partner well in advance. The bed is not the place for a guessing game. You better enter that space with some technical know-how. 

How to Know Your Life Partner Well Sexually

There can be many ways of getting to know your partner’s body. It can be through sex games, like truth or dare, and more.

Sex Games:

  • Start and Stop- Keep the spark and craving on with this timer sex game. Start with love activities and set a timer. When the time’s up, stop. This way you never get enough that leaves you wanting for more. Switch activities and talk about what’s more pleasurable and what’s not. Find out what turns the partner on. What works and what doesn’t, what do they feel empowered by, and what offends them. Be sensitive. Explore, but tread with caution.
  • Fantasy Reveal- Create a list of your fantasies and let your partner perform them. Switch turns and have some fun. Whatever is on the list does not necessarily need to be done if the other person’s not OKAY. That way, you also know what there’s to talk about and make your partner feel comfortable about it. 
  • Sensory Exploration-  It’s the best way to explore your partner’s body. Keep the pace slow and see what unfolds for you two. 

Ask khullam khulla. Do anything. But make it comfortable for you and your partner to talk about your bodies, as individuals and as sexual beings. And don’t depend on guess-work.

Make your partner feel important, feel special, feel cared for. Talk to your partner about their body. Tell them what you love about their body.

Ask how they see their body, and what they would like you to do. Such questions to know your partner is a clear funda for you two. Do not hesitate in letting your partner know what you want and what you don’t want.

Talking about sex, caring about your partner’s pleasure, and wanting to know what to do to ensure it, is not cheap. But yes, don’t forget the keyword – Consent – both ways!

Open, honest conversations, and questions to know your partner better about the bodies and desires can be a huge turn-on, trust us.

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