11 Practical Tips For How to Forget Someone You Love

man holding the heart in memories of his girlfriend

You love them unconditionally, but your efforts are not being reciprocated.

You love them truly and madly from your end, but they are letting it loose. 

You have now understood that parting ways is the right thing. 

Want to forget them and seek the answer to how to forget someone you love so much? 

Doesn’t matter how much you love them, if they make distance and separation sound happier, be it. But we know forgetting someone we love is harder than it sounds. It’s never easy. They can go away but the memory stays. Therefore, keep reading for how to completely forget someone. It’s the best decision you could have taken. 

How to Forget Someone You Love Deeply? 

Love that’s not reciprocated can be extremely painful. Break off the chain and free yourself. Here are 11 practical ways to help you wave off old memories, move on, and come out stronger. 

1. Acceptance

Misery feeds and multiplies on how you are not ready to accept what has happened. There’s hope of everything getting back to how it was and that never allows you to see what’s there for you in the future. So don’t be harsh on yourself and let the healing begin with acceptance. 

2. Don’t Keep in Touch

Get rid of ‘we can be friends’ all and at once. You don’t want to be associating yourself with someone you had a romantic equation with, even as friends. If you think that’s how you can mitigate your sorrows and slowly forget them, it will only add to how emotionally messed up you are going to be. 

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3. Prioritize Yourself

It’s time to love and focus on the most gorgeous person you have ever been with- YOURSELF. Re-evaluate your life. Is there anything that makes you happy, genuinely? Is there anything that needs to be done, differently? Do that! This time is to bond with yourself and give yourself the unconditional love your heart craves for. You will feel light and satisfied.

4. Get Rid of Physical Evidences of Your Relationship

Physical evidence like pictures, souvenirs and videos triggers emotions and amplifies the bitter end of your romance. To avoid heartache and forget the person you loved with all that you had, keep the visuals away. Give your mind and heart the space they need. 

5. Reach Out to People You Can Count on

Trying to suppress what you are feeling can take a very bad toll on your health. Instead of locking up your emotions, set them free. Get it all out in front of friends and family while allowing them to console, empathize and guide you. They will help you see the brighter side of whatever happened. 

6. Pen Down Your Feelings

It’s the flood of emotions that follow after a heartbreak that feels heavy and worst. Writing about how you feel is a great exercise to free yourself of the emotional baggage, if not completely, somewhat.

7. Travel

How to forget a person you love and start healing? Trust us, how traveling heals will always remain an understatement for some. Letting new experiences in will take the past experiences out. Explore, explore and explore. You don’t necessarily have to take big-budget trips. Plan and let it happen. 

8. Physical Activities

They say physical activities are not just for the body, but also the mind. We cannot agree more with it. To elevate your mood, sweat someone out from your life, and boost your self esteem, hit the gym, take a walk, and keep your body busy. 

9. Ignore the Temptations of Revenge

You know what’s liberating? Keeping your dignity intact. Your emotional upheaval might trick you into taking revenge, but you are going to regret it. The feelings it will bring along will take you back to thinking about your partner and you don’t want that, right? So keep all the vengeful urges out of the picture.

10. Dwell on the Negative Times

Not totally recommended, but see if it helps you. It will make it easier for you to live without the person you loved. Don’t make this negativity a weapon to force hate them, rather, it’s just a reminder that why and how life is worth living without their presence.

11. Have Faith

Our last most precious advice would be to keep faith in what the universe has planned for you. Today, nothing will make sense, but one day, you will look back to everything that happened with a smile on your face. Keep just one mantra in your mind: “this or something even better.” 

Final Words

The way one moves on and forgets is an individual thing. You might feel miserable, very miserable, it can take months, you can move on super quickly, you can find love again, and endless chapters open. Take your time. This guide to how to forget someone you love is a gentle reminder that life moves on, with or without them. You need to find a way and your destination is right there. You are strong, mate!

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