How To Leave A Lasting Impression On A Guy & Girl

leave a lasting impression

What is the first thing you notice about anybody? We all have something in ourselves that is our striking feature or that which attracts or repels others.

Though unknowingly, guys too pick up certain traits about a girl which imprints on their minds forever.

In fact, these things are so subtle and simple we hardly ever give them a thought; but if you want to leave a lasting impression, a guy or for that matter being an enigmatic and attractive self, these work like a charm.

1. Her bright smile that’s on at all times and is genuinely sweet and mysterious.

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A sweet and bright smile when you both meet, won’t hurt you. Remember that a smile does leave a lasting impression on people and makes way for a warm chat

2. Her ability to dish out a joke and take it back equally gracefully.

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Who doesn’t want to talk to a girl who knows the art of roasting? How to leave a lasting impression on a guy? Roast him at times, and vice versa. The more you roast, the better you bond!

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3. When she is quick with her wit and leaves you spellbound.


Did you just get roasted? Are you speechless, thinking of the reply she just gave you as part of her wit? Go marry her!

4. Her positive outlook and the fact that she is so happy with her life.

she-4-khubsoorat-sonam-girl-happy-fun-enjoy-balloons-cuteImage source: Tumblr

A happy person won’t take seconds to leave a lasting impression on you. Mind that! If she’s happy, you need to ensure that you don’t get on her nerves and ruin your chances forever.

5. The way she pulls off dressing up so beautifully and looks cool and chic at the same time.

she-5-prewedding-photoshoot-e1426689632310Image source: Tumblr

It’s rightly said that your first impression is the last impression. And a lot of people judge people on their clothes.

However, if you are figuring out how to make a lasting impression on a guy, make genuine efforts to look good and be your best when it comes to clothing.

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6. She has hobbies of her own and is well knowledgeable about them.

she-6-shraddha-talk-preach-say-cuteImage source: tumblr

Talk passionately about your hobbies as it does help a lot if you want to leave a lasting impression on a guy. 

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7. She is confident in her skin, conversing freely and knowing the power of light and harmless touch well.

she-7-asin-aamir-girl-fun-album-photos-memories-happy-confident-independent-womanImage source: Tumblr

She knows how to make a lasting impression on someone because she is most importantly focusing on herself. Her confidence will attract you towards her and that is something beyond sexy.

8. She pays the bill.

she-8-stop-fine-ok-listen-girl-independent-woman-strong-confidentImage source: Tumblr

To all the girls who pay the bill or at least split the bill into two, you don’t know but, you have won the hearts of all the guys you have ever been out with. Not an easy job, dining in a fancy restaurant for a couple.

9. She has her own opinion and is not afraid to make her point without nodding in unanimity for everything.


Well, certainly there is a difference between sharing your opinion and being unnecessarily rude to someone.

And if she doesn’t hesitate to put out her opinions, she is definitely going to make a lasting impression for sure.

10. She is smart and knows much than just the girly stuff.

she-9-restaurant-deepika-wine-dtaeImage source: Tumblr

Boys, if she chooses to talk about girly stuff all the time doesn’t mean she has her eyes closed to all that’s happening around her. Obviously, she talks about all the girly stuff MORE but knows a lot more than just that. 

11. She is oblivious to her own beauty.

aishwarya-rai-josh-listeningImage source: Tumblr

She doesn’t know that she’s beautiful in all the little things that she does. And when you tell her that you like her beautiful smile or that you feel that she looks the best even when she is clumsy sometimes, she’ll be surprised and happy.

So these were the ways that leave a lasting impression on a guy.

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