9 Things A Guy Is Sure To Notice On A Date

You may accuse guys of not noticing anything new about you but the truth is be it the first date or fifteenth, guys sure notice a great lot of details about you. Some of these are a standard given that can’t escape the attention of the men. And if you are good at it, those things can prove to be the power tools to hook them onto you!

1. The Mane Point

Guys get drawn to your luscious locks. Make them seem like they are weaved with silk and smell heavenly and you’ll have him mesmerized.
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2. Eyes Eyes Baby!

Your eyes are sure the window to your soul and he’s peeing in your pretty peepers to know you better. So, practice the art of making them great communicators and keeps those eyes locked.
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3. Say Cheese

Your smile tells them how happy, friendly and full of optimism you are. Wear it at all times and he’ll be more comfortable and attracted towards you.

4. Of Curves And Bends

No doubt your curves and assets lie somewhere on top of his watch list. Invest in a good workout program and see him hooked his eyes on you.

5. The Dressing Agenda

Make a lasting impression by going neither too overboard nor staying too understated. And that goes for make up too. Wear too much of it and hear him mouthing ‘Ugh!’.
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6. Her Swagger

Your attitude and how you carry off yourself speaks volume about your personality. Besides, your cute habits etch in his mind forever.
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7. Can She Talk Him Out Of It?

If you have the ability to hold a conversation with him and know your way around the topic, you are surely attractive to him. Your tone and the way you put your points forth also matter a lot.
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8. Sultry Strut

There’s nothing like those long curvy pins in skyscrapper heels to make him drool. A slouching, shifting walk is a big turn off while a confident and smooth flow, the exact opposite of it.
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9. Foot Impression

Your feet and even your nails don’t escape his attention. Keep them clean and healthy and he’ll know you are a meticulous and hygienic person; a quality that they dig in you. So, book a mani-padi session now, ladies!
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