10 Tips To Make An Impression In 7 Minutes

importance of first impressions

If you are trying your hand at speed dating or just want to make someone notice you, you often do not have much time to impress them.

In fact, usually one has only got about 7 to 10 minutes to make that first impression, which is enough for attracting the one you like.

So, if you are looking for tips on how to impress someone and start dating, here are 10 quick ones to impress them in less than 10 minutes, because why not. They say the first impression is a lasting impression. 

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#1 Be thoroughly groomed.

Be neat and tidy when you meet her, it matters mate. Dress appropriately and in something that’s suitable for the venue and occasion. And flaunt a style or haircut that’s not too overwhelming or flashy.

#2 Portray confidence.

Take charge of the situation. Go talk to them instead of hoping they will make a move. Your gesture and body language must be composed and graceful and in your control. To put it this way, it’s a lot of judgments on the first day and your conduct is in the limelight, therefore, it should always be on point. 

#3 Be natural.

First impressions are important but you can’t just be you! Try to be your natural self. Trying to be too imposing or desperate to impress will only cause them to think you are a player and a showoff. Here, just keeping yourself a little groomed is the key. 

#4 Use your eyes as tools.

Did you know a girl can judge you 70% almost right on the first day!! Importance of first impressions clear now? Let your eyes meet but don’t let them feel you are watching them and don’t stare somewhere you shouldn’t be. Capture their attention and look into their eyes while talking to them. Let your eyes be playful yet enigmatic.

#5 Smile at all times.

That of course does not mean in a creepy way and all the time. They’d know when you’re faking it. A smile enhances your personality and makes you appear pleasing and congenial.

#6 Be classy yet friendly.

Know that your first impression is the best impression when she chooses to call you from front to ask when the next date can happen.

Only when your best friendly nature is on display, this magic is going to happen. Extend a warm ‘Hi’ or ‘Hello’ instead of ‘yo’ or ‘wassup’. Let them know you are mature and sophisticated yet approachable.

#7 Pay them a compliment.

You just can’t miss this one. When and how you choose to compliment your date is a game-changer. It hardly takes a minute or two in making a genuine compliment but it stays with them for months. Compliments never hurt, so be it! 

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#8 Listen.

We just can’t put emphasis enough on how a first impression is a lasting impression! Don’t rush into shooting random questions just for the heck of it. Make a lasting connection by listening patiently to the other person.

#9 Make a witty or funny conversation opener.

Be attentive and say something interesting related to the place you are in or any incident that may have just happened. If you succeed in making them laugh, it’s a bonus.

#10 Let them know of your intelligence and knowledge.

No, it doesn’t mean you start showing off by playing 20 questions with them. It simply implies that you hold command over the conversation and not be afraid to disagree with them.

In the dating ecosystem where two individuals meet for the first time, the pressure point tends to build up automatically with this constant thing in the head that the first impression is the best impression!

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