14 Reasons Why Girls Need To Start Making The First Move

1. Because a girl who is confident is a huge turn on.

2. You don’t want to keep waiting for a guy to ask you out and end up settling for whoever approaches you first.

3. The guy you like could be as nervous as you and may never ask you out.

4. You are an independent and modern woman and can get what you want.

5. You don’t want your folks to start looking for a 30+, spectacled, balding but rich NRI for you.

6. You don’t want to end up like Kajol from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.

If you like your buddy, tell him NOW. Dammit!

7. There’s a high probability he will say yes.

Ever heard of a guy saying no to a girl?!! Thought so.

8. If you don’t ask him out now, the other girl might!

9. You’ll be the badass who asked a guy out!

Hell yeah!

10. You won’t have to lose any more hair stressing out over the question of whether he likes you or not.

11. Because guys either think no girl likes them or every girl likes them and neither of that’s doing any good for them.

12. You’ll be able to make a safe ‘no hook-up’ zone for yourself.

13. Because it’s super hot when a girl uses a pick up line!

But never creepy!

14. And the guy would love it.

After all, this would be the only time he wouldn’t have to chase the girl.
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