11 Signs of Falling in Love – Signs Someone Is In Love With You

signs of falling in love

Breakups are difficult, but what’s more difficult than that is falling in love again. Once you’ve been through the hell of a bad relationship, you, of course, become skeptical towards the whole concept of dating and falling in love with someone all over again.

But who knows what awaits you in the future. It is true you don’t find love, true love finds you, you don’t force yourself to fall in love, but you just fall. 

Falling in love is the most beautiful thing one can experience. When in love, you just think about them and always have this persistent desire to meet this person.

Here are a few signs you’re falling in love.

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#1 You are over your grief period, and when you look back now, you finally could say IT ALL HAPPENS FOR GOOD.

again-1-girl-13-sonam-seriouly-wtf-khoobsuratImage Source: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

This is the clear sign you’re falling for someone else when you start feeling embarrassed about being a fool, the way you acted, and for whom after the breakup.

#2 Your mind calculated every odd and has practically decided this one’s not like your ex.

again-2-first-date-preity-zinta-kal-ho-na-ho-expectant-thinking-charmedImage Source: Yash Raj Films

This is the human tendency to compare things. So when your mind starts comparing and decides this one is better than your ex, then you can’t deny this is a sign that you are falling in love with someone.

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#3 Although you give yourself lots of reasons to not like them, you like them anyway, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

again-3-surprised-strange-dine-lunch-dinner-restaurant-date-listen-katrina-bang-bangImage source: Tumblr

You tried hard not to fall for this person and gave many reasons not to like them, but you ended up falling for this person.

#4 Your self-pity time is over and you are actually feeling yourself with him again.

again-4-girl-cute-flower-rose-aamir-preity-dil-chahta-haiImage source: Tumblr

When you are happy and confident about yourself, this is a clear sign you are falling in love, again! 

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#5 You don’t burst out whining at the empty coffee jar but have started making fun of your stupid forgetful nature. P.S. Now’s the time to call him to go have a cup of coffee together.

again-5-sonam-playful-cute-mistake-oopsImage source:Tumblr

#6 You love to look good for them

again-6-hair-curling-hot-iron-hairstyle-get-ready-parlour-ileana-d-cruzImage source: Tumblr

When you do your best to look good, decide to put your favorite dress on, everything you do has to be perfect when you are with him. It is pretty obvious that you have a special place for this person.

#7 It’s Love.

again-7-into-u-1-laugh-deepika-finding-fannyImage source: Tumblr

When you try to enjoy all their hobbies, enjoying everything they do, even though you never find them interesting, is the sign you are falling in love.

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#8 You can’t get them out of your brain.

again-8-crush-1-crush-nargis-smileImage source: Tumblr

When you have that constant will to chat and talk to this person, my dear you can’t ignore the sign of falling in love, again. All those feelings are back and you want to see them more and more despite chanting the mantra ‘Not so fast’ over and over again!

#9 You feel safe being around them.

again-9-flowers-bouquet-alia-soty-crush-loveImage source: Tumblr

This is the best feeling which can’t be described in words. You think nothing can happen wrong when you are with them, this is what makes you fall in love with someone.

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#10 You don’t miss your ex anymore.

again-10-thinking-love-crrush-ashiqui-2-shraddhaImage source: Tumblr

When you can’t stop thinking about them. They are the first person you think of and you have stopped scrolling your ex’s profile on social media, good news my friend, you have the sign that you are falling in love

#11 You are completely uninterested in your ex


Oh, you have already made peace with your past- you are falling in love all over again. You have stopped clenching your fists or gritting your teeth every time your ex’s topic comes up.

#12 You are ready to do things you have already done

again-11b-aishwarya-rai-blush-crush-smile-hum-dil-de-chuke-sanamImage source: Tumblr

Dammit! You want to do all those silly things once again, holding hands in the streets and talking for hours without even realizing it. And above all, you don’t care how gross this looks to people.

Have you ever fallen in love with someone?

Falling in love is the greatest feeling we can ever experience. If you find these signs common between you two, then it is time to take it to the next level. 

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