11 Astonishing Signs You Are Dating An Overthinker

dating an overthinker

Dating an overthinker is in no way easy. It makes it impossible for you to do anything without them speculating and doing all sorts of permutations and combinations inside their head and come out with conclusions that make no sense at all.

Their brain just never rests, and so they don’t let anyone rest around them either. Here are the 11 sure signs of dating an overthinker man.

1. The moment you sneeze, they’ll go into the Doctor zone

Cough or sneeze once, and they’ll look at you like you made a really stupid mistake of meeting you.

The regret after coughing is what it is like dating an overthinking man or woman. *Oh god! I need to call the ambulance.*

overthinker-1-startled-shocked-scared-die-saved-srk-anushka-tea-cold-jab-tak-hai-jaan-anushkaYash Raj Films/ Featured Image Source

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2. Every time you go out to eat, you have the choice of ‘decide the menu’ or ‘return back hungry’

One of the things related to dating an overthinker is that they are detailed analyses of all the food items in the list.


3. You can never dare send a message without a kiss emoji at the end.

Or you are sure to get another message asking, ‘Are you mad at me, honey?’ It may be one of the traits of an overthinker. So, if you want to get rid of her tantrums, you should at least try including a few emojis in your texts.

overthinker-4-worried-tense-thinking-kajol-scared-family20th Century Fox

4. And forget adding a Full Stop at the end of the text.

That’s their universal sign of ‘I AM PISSED AT YOU’ for them, and you’ll be forced to sort out the matter for at least the next two hours.

It’s good to use punctuation. But, these traits of an overthinker can give you a difficult time.


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5. You are always geared up for some unexpected melodrama.

Their boss just called them in the cabin, and that, of course, means they are getting fired. *Calls bae. Cries uncontrollably*

Overthinkers have a habit of dramatizing things. Be it intentionally or unintentionally, they do it a lot. This is one of the traits of overthinkers that end up screwing up relationships.

overthinker-5-aamir-11-ghajini-crying-broken-hurt-wounded-helpless-frustratedGeetha Arts

6. Nights are your danger zone.

They would be up all night, THINKING. And calling you for your take on all that happened to them (and that, that did not) throughout the day. Dating an overthinker man or woman is a tough job!

sleepy-annoyed-deepika-break-ke-baad-night-e1437631696297Image source/ Reliance Pictures

7. And social media, your enemy.

For every status you put up there, it of course must tie up to something of them, otherwise, it would be just ridiculous, isn’t it?

Overthinkers will relate all your stories and statuses to somebody from your past. No matter what, they’ll come up with enormous amounts of questions which you’d have no answer to.

overthinker-7-thinking-tired-tense-worried-katrinaImage source

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8. You have had your share of enough canceled dates.

There could be a lot of reasons that date was canceled: Nothing to wear/500 gm weight gain/you would obviously like to hang out with cooler people.

But, ahead of all of these, your overthinker partner will think of some extraterrestrial reason for the cancelation.


9. They’ll spend months trying to figure out the best gift for b’day.

And ask you like a million times if the gift is good enough. And no matter what happens, a thoughtful gift is always better than anything else. So, try to stay away from telling that you didn’t like any gift.


10. If you kept them waiting for a date, better get help on your way over.

They will be half cuckoo by then going through the torture of thinking how you would have died.

It’s not recommended to keep overthinkers waiting for something. It could lead them into thinking wrong about you.

overthinker-10-disney-torture-mad-crazy-waitingImage source

11. Your blissful holding hands with bae in peaceful silence is their jittery contemplation.

“What’s wrong? Why isn’t he talking? Is he gonna break up with me?” These are some of the questions which you will hear if you are dating an overthinking woman.

overthinker-11-hashtag-nerd-2-tense-worried-couple-discussion-kareena-shahid-jab-we-metShree Ashtvinayak Cine Vision Ltd./ featured image source 

So, these were the 11 signs you are dating an overthinker. Let us know if your partner is also an overthinker and how do you manage problems in your relationship.

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