13 Pros And Cons Of Dating A Man Who Loves To Cook

Cooking is an art. True indeed. Not all can cook and even in those only a fraction of them can cook well. And talking about the guys, we hardly find anyone who cooks even though food maybe their primary love. This rare species of men who enjoy cooking as much as they like to dive in to food, have their own set of awesome reasons attached to their apron that make them great dates. Yeah, a few cons too… but when the pros are as fantastic you can’t give those even a second thought. So, here are some amazing reasons why you definitely must date a guy who cooks.

1. You will save a lot of money when the tastiest dishes could be served right there in your home than in some sadist fancy restaurant which makes you have to choose between a new pair of stilettos or creme brulee.

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2. Unlike other guys who become restless and puzzled, he’ll know exactly what will cheer you up when you are upset. Who can stay mad when there’s yummy chocolate mousse smiling back at you in his hands.

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3. You don’t have to ever diet when with him. In fact, he’ll make that cute puppy face every time you (fake) refuse to taste his new creation. Ohhh… never knew ironies could be so sweet too.


4. Not that you need to diet anyway. Fresh and healthy home cooked food will take care of all your staying in shape needs.

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5. If you ever marry him, be sure you’ll wake up to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and something you never had the privilege to smell before. Yes, that’s how exciting and experimenting they are, making everyday of yours a super food venture.

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6. But if you ever try your own hand at cooking, be prepared for a lot of expert criticism from him. His love for cooking will not let him sugarcoat his words. That will only be left for Pizzelles.

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7. And don’t forget the scrutiny you receive from family and friends for being such a sucker at cooking when your bae in contrast, is a fantastic chef.

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8. However, with the food knowledge your man rubs on you, you can always manage to dazzle them into a winning shutting up.

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9. You don’t have to think twice before throwing a get together at home, you know it’s gonna be a royal affair, thanks to your sweetheart.

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10. You know your beau will handle everything. After all heating the oil to the optimum temperature for the perfect fries or switching off the oven in exactly 40 minutes, has all taught him to be highly dependable.

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11. And when he’s such a fan of the slow cooking that fuses and maintains all the flavors in the meat, you assuredly know he’s the most patient and dedicated man you can ever find.

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12. While the girls run for ultra masculinity and then cries to instil some sensitivity in their guys, the dexterity and gentleness with which he folds the eggs or garnishes the dish make you wonder how can one person have the best of both the worlds so easily.


13. Besides, when the world is out dining with a dozen+ couples crowding around them, there can be no better way to romance than to stay in the comfort of your home, rather the comfort of your exotic smelling kitchen and sharing bites together.

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