How to Spot Red Flags In Relationship

red flags in relationship

We’ve all had at least one, if not a few, significant relationships in our lifetime. Red flags can come at any time in a relationship.

Sometimes, they come within the first week, and other times you don’t even see them coming for years.

The peculiar thing about red flags in relationship is that they are not very evident each time.

Most of us don’t even know what we’re dealing with in a relationship, and hence, we have made you a full-fledged guide to help you identify all those red flags you might miss out on in a relationship

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It’s essential to get to know yourself in every possible way before you even think of moving into a relationship with someone.

Often, individuals skip this very necessary step and rush into a relationship in fear of missing out.

You need to understand that living with yourself is the most important lesson you’ll ever learn. If you skip that, all the relationships and people in the world will be unfit for you. 

red flags in a relationship with a man

On the other hand, if you’re sorted in your head and are ready to move into a relationship with your special one, we are here for your help.

Relationships can be tricky. At times, there could be multiple situations that seem unimportant to you, but take significant significance in the longer run. In retrospect, an individual needs to trust their gut and believe in the red signs they see. 

An excellent exercise is to write down your learnings, after each mistake or each heartbreak. Ask yourself questions like what attracted you to this person initially?

Did the attraction last? What mistakes did you both make? Did revelations change your mind during the relationship? What was the deal-breaker? Do you observe any similarities or patterns? 

In case you find answers to a couple of these questions, you’ll be good to go. For now, let’s help you figure out the red flags in a relationship that you might miss out on

#1 They never apologize for bad behavior

One of the first red flags or deal breakers in a relationship with a man or a woman is their misbehavior during an argument.

Some men/women tend to believe that they are above their partners and are ‘always right’!

They never own up for their mistakes, and that right there is a clear signal for you to leave. You don’t need to explain or even try to understand their actions.

Once you notice this pattern, pack your bags and go! 

#2 They think all their exes are crazy and don’t see the commonality

relationship red flags and deal breakers

Another toxic trait or deal-breaker in a man or a woman is how they talk about their ex-partners. We all have had our fair share of heartbreaks and betrayals.

It’s what we think about the people who hurt us that makes us who we are. If your partner always blames their exes for all of their relationships, maybe the exes are not the problem at all. 

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#3 Ultimatums are their primary weapon

relationship red flags for guys

The third deal-breaker in a relationship with a man is their ultimatums. Using ultimatums as a weapon in every discussion or argument is as toxic as it sounds.

The bad thing is that you might start to notice this pattern when it’s too late. This is why you need to be extra careful about how they deal with you in every mood. 

#4 You don’t like their friends.

This one is an early red flag in a relationship and will help you realize whether or not to move forward with your partner.

If you don’t like the vibe of his/her friends, it’s entirely possible you might not want your partner after a while as well.

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#5 They try to drive a wedge between you and your family/friends.

A significant relationship red flag for guys is when women try to choose between their friends/family and themselves.

These partners try all they have to convince you that it’s your fault that they feel left out on multiple occasions, or that your family doesn’t like them. Trust us, it’s never the case! 

#6 They call you names in an argument.

early relationship red flags

One of the important red flags in a new relationship is how people call each name during an argument.

It’s absolutely a deal-breaker in any relationship when it comes to that! Whenever you see yourself in such a situation, run! 

#7 They never trust you enough.

Next on the list of red flags in a relationship is your partner’s ever-growing insecurity. And don’t take the whole thing wrong.

Possessiveness and trust issues are entirely different. If they have trust issues with you, there’s a major red flag right there.

However, if they only feel a bit possessive at times, it’s nothing but cute. 

In all, your first instinct will always indicate to you all the red flags you need to know about. It’s an excellent way to process what you really feel.

Identifying these flags and working on them will help in your overall growth as well. Learn to trust your inner instincts, and you’ll never regret it!

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