5 Signs You’re Definitely On A DATE!

5 Signs You’re Definitely On A DATE!

How often has it happened that you went on a date with someone, and it turns out you’re the only one who’s putting up efforts and things like that?

To differentiate, we are writing this blog where we ran a contest on Twitter where people told us how to tell if it is a date between you both.

How do you know for sure when a date is ‘a date?’

Twitter peeps, tell us with #itsadateif! Here are our favorites.

  • When two left feet make a perfect right!

You don’t know how to dance. Neither does she. But when you’re having such a great time, why let that get in the way of you burning the dance floor together? Twitter user @lovelyricha1 says #ItsADateIf you both dance like no one’s watching, even with your two left feet.

  • When you’re the one ringing in his head 25/7!

He’s received 12 Whatsapp messages. And some Facebook notifications. His friend was calling to ask him if he’s still in for a boys’ night out. Guess what? He doesn’t care as Twitter user @Rashichoudhary9 believes #ItsADateIf he’s definitely more interested in you talking than his phone buzzing!

  • When you LOL at his not so LOL jokes!

You know you’re cracking the lamest of jokes that wouldn’t even make your best friend laugh, even out of sympathy. But she’s still giggling! #ItsADateIf she keeps laughing at the same jokes, says Twitter user @karmagal91

  • When his eyes are feviquicked on you 

You might be sneaking glances at the attractive waitress and the cute girl sitting at the next table. But HE isn’t! Twitter user @kajol_saxena says #ItsADateIf he has eyes only for you.

  • When he showers you with (flowers) x 100!

Twitter user @Arnab_Go_Swami tells us one surefire way to know when it’s not just a casual meeting anymore.

So, these were the final tweets that made it to this blog. How did you like this contest? Let us know if you want us to do more of these activities in the future as well.

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