10 Things That Make It So Great to Date an Independent Woman

dating an independent woman

There’s something about a strong, confident, and independent woman that makes her so attractive to not only men but for everyone.

Dating strong independent woman is something that every man desires. Because she is impressive and inspiring and fun to be around.

She does not rely on anyone for anything. She buys her own things and doesn’t need a man to pay for her bills. And it’s really great and amazing to date her precisely for that. 

So here are 10 things you should know before dating a busy independent woman

#1. She is more fun than a big ball of cotton candy or a ride on the giant wheel

Best thing about dating independent woman is that she is confident and fun to be with. No day will pass by dullness when the adventurous girl is there to always keep you on your toes. 

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#2. No insecurity about her.

The next time she ‘catches’ you hanging out with one of your female colleagues, don’t get threatened. She actually just happened to spot you and genuinely stopped by only to say hello.

indepen-2-coctail-group-hug-diana-saif-deepikaImage source/ Eros International

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#3. You will get all the time in the world for yourself and your hobbies.

When you are dating a strong independent woman, you will get your time because she likes to have her own.

She’ll never bite you if you didn’t meet her for lunch because you were busy jamming with your college buddies.

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#4. She won’t ask you to tag along with her to every party and event she goes to.

She is fully at ease to be on her own. So, enjoy the game at home and save yourself from a boring office party.

Another great thing about dating strong independent woman is she has a habit of handling her stuff on her own.

indepen-4-parineeti-hasee-toh-phasee-coolImage source/ Dharma Productions

#5. She is completely into you when she is with you.

Being a confident woman, she may not need you but she definitely wants you and that’s why she’s around.

You will find this unusual, when it comes to dating an independent woman, she will not leave a chance to shower her love for you.

indepen-5-rock-on-jammin-g-farhan-akhtar-arjun-rampalImage source/ Reliance Big Pictures

#6. She knows herself well.

She knows her abilities and strengths very well. She is comfortable with her color, shape, and size.

Another great thing about dating an independent girl is that she embraces them all whether it is her strength, fear, or weakness.

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#7. She likes to run her errands herself.

When you are dating a strong independent woman, you will not need to worry about paying bills or anything else. She believes in getting her things done on her own.

indepen-7-comfortable-ranbir-kapoor-shorts-pajamaImage source/ Yash Raj Films

#8. She likes to be alone and you guys can have your personal, individual time.

Not saying the other girls can’t have this trait, but it’s particularly true when it comes to dating an independent girl.

She will be involved in the relationship as much as you’re. On the other hand, she also knows how to enjoy her own company. 

indepen-8.1-shraddha-siddharth-ek-villain-bike-rideImage source/ AA Films

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#9. You can be assured you have ample time to take things slow.

She is not harassed. If you do love her, she knows you’re there to stay. One of the greatest things about dating a busy independent woman is they will never push you for anything. 

inedepen-9-katrina-srk-jab-tak-hai-jaan-couple-love-hug-caress-danceImage source/ Yash Raj Films

#10. She will inspire you.

This girl will always have big dreams and goals to achieve in life. And she won’t just be dreaming about these goals but she will work hard to achieve them.

Another good thing about dating a strong independent woman is you will be inspired by her efforts and hard work throughout.

indepen-10-couple-hold-hands-fingers-cute-sunset-spend-time-love-katrina-hrithik-bang-bangImage source/ Fox Star Studios/20th Century Fox

So don’t just keep yourself away from dating an independent woman because she is smart and who believes in herself. 

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