What Do Women Look For In a Man? 13 Irresistible Qualities


Men, your down-to-earth yet adorable qualities are a real charmer. Wondering what sets of qualities your opposite sex loves? Time to finally answer the question that manages to pop up every now and then: what do women look for in a man

Allow us to mention some of the qualities that drive women crazy in a good way.

What Do Women Look For In a Man?

Ready to take notes? We rounded up these 13 qualities that experts say women really adore when a man has them. Check out what they are! 

1. Maturity

A mentally mature man is a top catch! Thinking rationally, solving problems together & not overreacting are signs women combine with maturity. 

You can be totally silly and fun around a woman, but it’s important to show her your mature side because that feeds her sense of reliability she is seeking from a man.   

2. Sense of Humor

We can hear you men saying, “ah we know it already”, but hear us out, again! 

A man rich in sense of humor is irresistible. Men who can make women laugh are women’s favorite. Your ability to find humor even in stressful situations can win her mind and heart just like that. Especially for women who are up for long-term commitments, it’s a trait they look for. 

3. Emotional Availability

A man who is honest and vulnerable emotionally is desired by women. The sad part is that many still perceive it as a man’s weak side, but it’s crucial for a long-lasting relationship. Even men find it awkward to be fully open about their emotional side at first, but putting your true feelings forth instigates a sense of trust in women.  

4. Stability

It’s essential so a woman can count on you for marriage, kids & a secure future. It’s a truth that no woman would want to continue with a man they don’t get a sense of security with. Therefore, your stability factor counts. 

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5. Vulnerability

A closed-off man might be easy to get into a relationship with, but as things move on, a long-lasting relationship gets chucked out of the list. Now, why do women prefer a vulnerable man? It’s because a man who’s vulnerable doesn’t get stuck in the power position that’s their comfort zone. They open their heart out, have conversations & they understand. 

6. Confidence

What women look for in a man? Confidence is definitely one thing. It’s attractive when a man is aware of his wants and believes in himself. A woman can catch this trait in a man by simply analyzing the attitude one holds. It builds a positive aura that works like a charm. 

7. Passion

All the fun and careless parts might sound attractive in the beginning, but as things move on, more serious traits start to take the lead. Passion becomes one of the traits women want their men to possess in life.  

8. Independent

A man who’s on his own and doesn’t have to rely on other people to fit into his lifestyle has a different, rather, progressive mindset. The idea of independence finds its fit into the drive & purpose that women adore in a man. Also, if a man can’t take care of himself, how can a woman expect him to take care of her? 

9. Integrity

Integrity means holding a strong moral character that spreads beyond a relationship. Honorable, fair & ethical characters are a man’s magnetic features that women cannot shut their eyes to. Integrity in a relationship builds a stronger bond that stays because a man’s moral principles guide his action and behavior. 

10. Respectful

What a woman needs from a man? Money? Care? Gifts? We think respect tops the list. In fact, partners must always treat each other with respect. That’s a secret mantra to a happy relationship. If a woman feels she is disrespected, applicable for both genders, the relationship is more likely to drop, sooner or later. A lady feels drawn to a gentleman who gives her the respect she deserves. 

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11. Good Looks

What does a woman want in a man physically? Good looks? Partially, yes and it cannot be denied. 

By good looks, do you relate to the kareena wala rating? Good looks, good looks, good looks? Well, a man who carries himself well would be the right thing to say here. They say first impressions matter & how you carry yourself speaks a lot about you.

12. Intelligence

We think it’s very subjective and not a one-size fits all trait. Women can have their own definition of intelligence they look for in a man. But to give our gentlemen a heads up, your conversation with a woman says a lot about your intelligence graph. Be wise and authentic. Never pretend. Rest is for her to decide.  

13. A Bit Jealous

Last but not least, what woman likes in man that they won’t openly admit? When they are a little jealous? Yes! 

Women like it when their men show this jealousy trait. Obviously, anything in excess is bad, but jealousy in moderation spices up things that women love. 

Now that you know what women love in a man, are you ready to spell the magic? 

Wrapping Up

Do you agree with our explanation on what do women look for in a man? These strong traits we’ve listed can help you woo the woman of your dreams. To sum it up, it’s not just the looks that matter like most of the boys think. It’s more about how your presence makes her feel!

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