Covid Marriage Guidelines in 2022 You Must Know!

covid marriage guidelines

Unfortunately, 2019 and the years following have been a wild ride for the entire world. Restricted with strict guidelines, rules, and curfews, many are complaining about how hard it’s to live without parties and fun with friends; some hearts are crying secretly in the corner because all their wedding plans came crashing down because of strict covid marriage guidelines. The world is on a bumpy ride right now! 

Covid marriage rules 2022 are putting a full stop to the marriage gala times. Marriage invitations substituted with covid marriage pass! Venues substituted with Zoom meeting links! Masks and sanitizers added to the bridal makeover!

The Government and not Pandits now decide Shubh muhurat! This once-in-a-lifetime event for brides and grooms where more than 500 people used to gather and bless the couple has now become an intimate wedding affair with covid marriage rules, the new covid fufaji sulking in the corner and ruining it all. 

With hopes in our hearts, life must go on! People are trying to be familiar with the current situation and proceeding with the wedding plans.

We are here to assist you in your Covid Marriage to the best of our capabilities.  

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Covid Marriage Rules 2022 From Reliable Sources!

covid marriage rules in India

Kundali checked? Check guidelines too! 

Read on for some quick guides and tips on Covid Marriage if you are planning to tie the knot with your partner anytime soon. The rules and guidelines differ from state to state. Here’s a thorough list for you! 

Covid Marriage Guidelines in Delhi

Covid Marriage Guidelines in Mumbai & Maharashtra

Covid Marriage Guidelines in Bangalore

Covid Marriage Guidelines in Gujarat

Covid Marriage Guidelines in Rajasthan

Covid Marriage Guidelines in Haryana

Covid Marriage Guidelines in UP

Covid Marriage Guidelines in Kolkata & West Bengal

Covid Marriage Guidelines in Chennai & Tamil Nadu

Covid Marriage Guidelines in Punjab

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Light Up the Mood With Some Covid Marriage Quotes!

When, by default, every wedding’s theme is COVID these days, why not play around a little and make the event cherishable in its own way?

We have curated some covid marriage quotes for you to crush over your intimate marriage decor. Afterall, the guest list is capped, not the pictures.

You can also fit some in your covid marriage invitation! 

  • Distance is interim, but Love is Forever!
  • We welcome you with masks. Welcome drinks can wait!
  • Love is contagious, but so is the Virus. Please wear a mask!
  • Before you bless the couple, please bless your hands with sanitizer!
  • Found the one I can quarantine with for life! 
  • Sanitization counter! Let’s feed the Virus first. 

Though there are many restrictions, it’s not very difficult to put all the stress aside and welcome happiness with open arms. Marriages in India are treated as a festival, but the time is different.

The need of the hour is good health and social distancing. So plan a safe and hygienic marriage, and follow covid marriage rules in India for a safer tomorrow. 

We are all in this together! 

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