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right age to get married

An average life of a girl or a boy may look like this:

  1. Childhood is for studies and sports. 
  2. Teenage is reserved for setting goals.
  3. Early twenties is the time to give shape to those goals.
  4. And now it’s the perfect age for marriage, kids, house, promotion, and so on. 

Do we really need this generalized arrangement? Shouldn’t an individual be allowed to set and function as per his/her own choice? Absolutely, yes! The choice can or cannot match the perfect order which should not be questioned. 

Should marriage have a number attached to it? Let’s see! 

Let’s have a look at the different concepts one by one.

Marriages and Dating are Different Today

Taking a trip to a decade or two in the past, minimum eighteen or maximum twenty-one was the right age to get married for both boys and girls. It won’t be wrong to say here that the Men (comparatively) were “a little” privileged that way. And unfortunately, Dating Was Rare. 

But today, things have changed for the better. People date, take time, think, analyze, plan, and finally settle for a decision and proceed further. This leaves no scope for going with the numbers.  

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Share Your Life With an Individual Whenever You are Mentally Ready

Mentally being the keyword here, the best age for marriage for both male and females can be either their 20s or 30s or even 40s, whenever you feel that it’s the right time. Of course, it should be combined with a good job and be able to pay the bills, but this should not be the only criteria. One should be ready to share the comfortable space of his/her life with a second individual. 

Ideal age to get married is nothing but a myth or a societal pressure supported by a number or age.

Marriage is Followed by Responsibilities: Ready For It? Go For It!

What is the right age to get married? The ability to take the responsibilities? Not entirely but can be partially. 

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Whenever we hear the word marriage, responsibilities by default, co-exist. It might be a very different set of responsibilities for both the genders, but requires equal efforts to fulfil them. So, whether you are in your 20s ready to tie-knot and capable of taking responsibilities, or in your 40s not feeling like burdening your shoulder with responsibilities, the decision should be yours. 

Is Financial Stability an Important Factor in Deciding the Right Age of Marriage?

The simple answer to this question is YES for obvious reasons. 

The right age to get married is when you are financially sound and independent. This has nothing to do with a number set for you for getting married. 

Would you like to get into some pros and cons of getting married at a certain age and decide the best age to get married? Let’s dive into it! 


best age to get married

You are a college pass-out. The chances are that you are getting married to your school or college sweetheart. It’s pure love or maybe an immature decision.

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Pros: You both are young with a golden chance of growing, changing, and moving in the same direction together. If you wish, you can plan a family at an early age. The good news is, by the time your children will be grown-up, you will still be somewhere in your forties. This is again a golden chance to rediscover your relationship and enjoy every sphere of life. 

Cons: According to research, around 50% of divorce cases in India are registered by those who got married in their early twenties. It’s a very naive age with a lot which is still left to discover in every sense, either as an individual, or couple, or be it careerwise, or anything. As you grow a little older, you might not be the exact person, or he might not be the exact person you got married to. So please take your time. 

50% of cases are not from the ones who got married in their early twenties (lol). Therefore, whatever the age is, if marriages work, it’s the right time, otherwise, find your love again on dating websites like TrulyMadly! 


right age to get married

It’s still considered the kind of perfect age for marriage. By now, you must have fully discovered yourself and finding a perfect partner should not be a tough decision. Well, let’s see! 

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Pros: You have lived your portion of life happily as an individual and are ready to share the rest with your spouse. Also, the chances are that you will end-up with someone you will share values, interests, and tastes of life with. This can be a win-win situation. 

Cons: This age is ideally the peak of any woman’s career, and taking the responsibility of child-rearing can take a serious toll on it. 

Whatever the age is and whatever the situation is, understanding and planning will eventually make all the plans fall into place. 


how to convince parents for intercaste marriage

They will say it is late, but remember; 30 is the new 20. 

Pros: You are financially stable, know what you want, can handle situations well. It can partially be said that this can be the best age for marriage for both male and females.

Cons: According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the fertility of the women starts dripping when she crosses 28. It is a serious concern to consider.


perfect age for marriage

For all the “late bloomers,” it is okay to get married and settle in this age. 

Cons: To be able to conceive and bear children can be difficult medically. 


the best age for marriage for both male and female

For all the men and women taking all the time possible to decide whether the institution of marriage is made for them or not, must have made their mind after evaluating each aspect in the best way possible. Now it’s either YES or NO!  

When we talk about the life events of an individual, Marriage comes with a big question mark. What is the best age to get married? The only precise answer to this question is; WHENEVER YOU ARE READY FOR IT!

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