What Is It Like Dating an Intellectual Person? Find Pros & Cons

dating an intellectual

When you are a scholar, the whole world feels proud of you. Your parents can’t stop praising their little genius in front of neighbors and relatives, although your cousins will hate you for the comparison they have to bear because of you.

And without any doubt, you are the apple of your professors’ eyes. So, everything is smooth, the cut-throat competition in the academic world, obsessive need for being on top, and appetite for knowledge. But that’s when you ignore the dating part of your life.

Dating? What’s that? It has never been your cup of tea. Except for Leonard Hofstadter and Howard Wolowitz, no one from this community has ever been able to pull this off; not that it has stopped you from trying.

So here are some pros and cons when it comes to dating a highly intelligent man

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1. Dating a geek can get hard for anyone because all they think is about the study, even if they think of dating stuff but might end up in their study rooms.

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2. And whenever you feel extra adventurous and think of giving dating a chance, there’s this tiny voice that constantly tells you, “You should be studying. But then dating an intellectual can never be boring because they never run out of topics to talk about

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3. With a strict budget of pocket money just enough for chai and Maggi Top Ramen who can afford a date?

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4. We all feel pressured when we go on first dates. When it comes to dating a scholar, they are extremely shy because they never get enough chances to meet people. They will always have that extra pressure of how to talk and what to talk about when on a date which is actually a big turn off.

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5. Because its not like you are taking your journal on a date to the lab.

Oh no! Wait. That prospect sounds really enticing!!
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6. Nerds are shy and very polite people and have been rejected many times (or they never tried), but they will cherish you if given a chance. And this is one of the pros and cons of dating a nerd..

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7. You can hardly concentrate on the movie or your date since with every passing minute that you’re wasting on the romcom, the academic competition is getting even more stiff!

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8. You know what impresses them? A meaningful conversation because jokes are not their thing, no matter how hilarious your joke is…


If you are bored of the same old question, how do you spend your weekends and what your favorite actor is, then dating an intellectual person is all you need. You can have some meaningful discussion when you are with a nerd.

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8. Be creative about your pick-up lines.

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Be ready for the weirdest expressions if you think of throwing some pick-up lines on a nerd. Rather, you can try and be creative with your pick-up lines that match their level of intellect. We know it’s a TASK, but you can do it. Also, take an interest in their nerdy stuff if you are thinking of dating a geek.


9. Dating an intellectual guy can remain a struggle for a lot of people. But, on the other hand, a nerd is smart and very passionate in their life but might not be up to date with dating stuff!

                    That’s not what it means, you homo sapiens with a below average brain!!
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10. Because until dating rules change way too much, you know, dating for a scholar like you will remain a struggle.

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But until then, keep up the good struggle, scholar! 🙂

When you are dating a geek, they will always be ready to teach you something new; intelligence is one of the attractive traits of scholars. .

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