10 Things You Need To Know Before Dating A Girl Who’s A Health Freak

dating a girl who lifts

If you are into someone who’s a health freak, watch out! It’s not going to be easy to woo her. Especially if you tend to snack on anything stocked in your fridge, you would be surprised to know that this person likes to eat right and stay healthy, and health is a top priority for her.

Before you try your luck at dating a girl who lifts, read on to know what you’re getting into. There are few things you need to know about dating a fitness girl, and here we begin.

1. More than often you’ll find her in her typical messy hair and sweaty tees

fitness-1-workout-treadmil-excercise-karishma-dil-toh-pagal-hai-srkImage source

You will have to accept the fact that you hardly see this girl in elegant dresses with nicely tied hair.

She will mostly be in her sweaty t-shirts and messy hair, and for your information, she won’t even be bothered about this because she likes it this way.

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2. Understand Her and Her Eating Habits Too!

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Dating a gym girl can be challenging. After all, she might run out of patience when it comes to food because fit people can’t compromise their food.

3. And for the same reason don’t ever make fun of her numerous Tupperware(s).

fitness-3-cute-adorable-drive-drink-eat-kareena-imran-car-gf-annoying-talkative-ekk-main-aur-ekk-tuImage source/ UTV Motion Pictures

Tupperware will be everywhere when you are dating a gym girl and be ready to get used to these tiffins.

You never know how you might end up packing and managing your meal too for work.

4. That excitement while shopping at a health food store.

fitness-4-shp-7-bipasha-basu-fun-enjoy-dance-happy-excitedImage source

5. Accept the fact that gym comes before chilling on a Friday

fitness-5-specs-1-rule-11-bahana-4-deepika-annoyed-irritated-no-kidding-yjhdUTV Motion Pictures

If you expect to go out on Friday night parties or weekends, you are wrong. If you are dating a female fitness model, then the chances are quite even.

However, a complete fitness person may be looking for rest or a spa session on weekends.

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6. She’s off fats, carbs and everything remotely yummy so don’t push her to go out for a pizza. And no, diet soda won’t do either.

fitness-6-yuck-shit-duh-nargisImage source

This girl follows a strict routine and restricted diet, so a pizza date won’t suffice. A toned and perfect body is everyone’s dream, be it a boy or girl.

So dating a gym girl might give you a hard time to woo or impress her.

7. Surprise her by cooking her favorite low-cal meal.

fitness-7-featured-image-srk-kareena-ra-one-traits-3-confused-alone-together-coffee-home-couple-loveEros International Ltd.- Red Chillies Entertainment

You heard it right; when dating a girl who lifts, all you need to do is Google some recipes for low-calorie food that you can cook at home. This will be the best surprise for her. 

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8. You may have an option to plan a date once a week, but boy, you better do some research while you choose a restaurant for a date. When you are dating a girl who lifts, she will not compromise on food.

Keep her away from foodie temptation and she’ll keep you closer.
fitness-8-eat-dessert-restaurant-7Image source

9. You don’t have to be a fitness freak, but you can’t be a jerk about her being into fitness. You should always motivate her, respect her, and encourage her for all her efforts.

fitness-9-girl-10-anushka-srk-rab-ne-bana-di-jodi-grill-angry-gulp-shitImage source Yash Raj Films

You don’t have to be a fitness freak, but you can’t be a jerk about her being into fitness. You should always motivate her, respect her, and encourage her for all her efforts.

10. And hey! Take those freebie health tips while you are with her! 😉

fitness-10-sonakshi-restaurant-9.1Image source

Last but not the least, you should be ready for all types of free health tips whenever you are on a date with her.

So these were the 10 things you need to know before dating a girl who lifts. Have you also dated someone who goes to the gym?

Let us know your feedback in the comments below!!!!!!!!!

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