11 Things That Are A Given When You Are Dating A Girl Who’s A Doctor

dating a female doctor

With all great professions come great hazards… And when that profession is of being the cute doctor which by chance you are dating, it will affect your simple world and makes it some crazy cross between your ‘non-nerdy just goofy’ self and her ‘super-bookworm doc-jargon-stuffed busy’ persona!

And what results is crazier still…

So there are a few challenges plus benefits of dating a female doctor you should know.

#1 You will know more names of diseases and medicines than of booze brands.

The medical language might sound alien to others but not to you anymore when you date a doctor. You will actually know the true causes and uses of those diseases and medicines.

dating a female doctorImage source/ Yash Raj Films

#2 You will hear a lot of repulsive facts about food and your bowel movements over dinner.

These are common topics and must be in daily talks when you are dating a doctor. Like you casually talking about pimples or farts… FYI… That’s not ideal dinner talk either!

dating a doctorImage source

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#3 She will always be busy and occupied with work.

Since time is the only constraint for her, you will become a pro at grabbing a quick bite, giving a quick kiss, and practically quick at everything. 

benefits of dating a female doctorImage source/ Vinay Pictures

#4 You will get free and almost unwanted checkups even if just a single, tiny, and barely audible cough!

OMG! Cough…? This is true; You can’t fall sick when dating a female doctor, not even a cough. So please answer this questionnaire.. 1. Since when have you experienced coughing? 2. What is the color of the phlegm?… Whoa!!! 

doctor girlfriendImage source/ Shemaroo- UTV Motion Pictures

#5 She will always have something new to talk about than ‘how my day was’ as usual.

When you are dating a doctor, you better be ready to listen to new stories every day. She will always have the grossest, yuckiest, and ickiest new work stories to entertain with you every day! Kudos! 

date a doctorImage source

#6 You will learn to deal with any type of emergency.

Another thing you definitely learn is you won’t freak out in any emergencies when you date a doctor.

doctor girlfriendImage source/ Shemaroo- UTV Motion Pictures

dating a female doctorImage source/ UTV Motion Pictures

#7 You become more self-assured from the once ‘gross awkward’ being to the ‘gross confident’ one.

Because you now know that when the messy tumors and corpses (correction: cadavers) can’t mess it up for them, they can definitely live with you.

dating a doctorImage source

#8 You will have your personal doctor.

Having your personal doctor sounds really cool. You don’t really need to go to the hospital for health checkups when you are dating a doctor.

benefits of dating a female doctorImage source/ Shemaroo- UTV Motion Pictures

#9 You will hear only about words like “cardiovascular arrhythmia” and “dopamine.”

Dating a doctor can be hard when you constantly hear words like ‘dopamine’ or ‘cardiovascular arrhythmia’.. all you can do is just appreciate how they sound.

doctor girlfriendImage source/ Yash Raj Films

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#10 You will be the one who is planning dates and stuff in this relationship.

Whether it is a weekend trip or a quick date, you are going to be the one who will do the planning here when dating a female doctor. She will be busier than you.

date a doctorImage source/ UTV Motion Pictures

#11 With the always on-call docs, you know you can always depend on her..

She’ll be there whenever you need her. Given, she has some time off! ?

So consider yourself lucky if you are dating a girl who is a doctor. Share your views.

doctor-10-kareena-hrithik-kabhi-khushi-kabhi-gham-no-time-fastImage source/ Dharma Productions / Featured Image SourceVinod Chopra Productions -Entertainment One

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