The Date Doctor’s Ultimate Flirting Tips for Men

flirting tips for men

Avani parekh

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Hey, studs! A lot of you have been asking me how to talk to the girls that you like online. Or, you say that the wonderful women you are matching with on TrulyMadly are not replying to your messages! The art of flirting online is necessary to learn if you want to impress the ladies.

Set yourself apart from the rest with these tips and start the process of getting to know your crush better online.

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These are the flirting tips for men that you should know about. Remember always to try to take the connection offline – you can’t hide in the cyber world forever!

  1. Show you are interested in your crush clearly: be nice, compliment her, give her a boost – don’t withhold your affection at all. Then she won’t know you’re into her.
  1. Don’t ask her anything that you wouldn’t ask in real life to her face – like the color of her panties or anything else like that. Keep it clean and light. It’s one of the most ignored flirting tips for boys.
  1. Make jokes! Use humor to help make the conversation fun – and in your later conversations, keep that same joke going (this is called using recall humor). Eventually, you will have lots of inside jokes only the two of you understand, and you’ll be able to laugh together.
  1. Don’t use sexy language, not even as a joke. This is a huge turn-off and will probably result in you getting blocked.
  1. Give compliments, but don’t go over the top. You can tell her that she’s lovely or that you like something about her but don’t make the whole conversation so sugary sweet with compliments that it seems insincere.
  1. Ask questions to the other person and also share stories about yourself – but don’t spend the whole time questioning them, or it will feel like an interview! Also, if you find yourself doing most of the talking/chatting – then maybe you are talking too much! Allow the person the opportunity to share back.
  1. Make the other person feel special. Don’t send the same messages to other people – eventually, they will sense it, or they’ll find out (the world is smaller than you think). And that’s how boys flirt with girls.
  1. If connecting with a match on an App, make sure you mention what you liked about their profiles specifically – and make contact personal. Something more than a generic “hi” or “hello.” That could be the best flirt tips for guys online.

Never ever send a first message detailing everything about yourself in a long boring paragraph – this will for sure put her to sleep.

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This is the best flirting tip for men if they want to showcase a serious intent.

The next time you try to connect with that cutie online or on the TrulyMadly App, use these flirting tips for men and let us know how they worked!

Remember, be friendly and funny, and for the most part, you can connect much better with all your online crushes!

Keep smiling,

The Date Doctor

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