#DateDoctor’s Online Flirting Tips for Women!

flirting tips for women

Avani #DateDoctor

#DateDoctor’s Online Flirting Tips for Women!

Avani is Truly Madly’s #DateDoctor and founder of LoveDoctor.in, where she and other professional counselors connect to answer questions about relationships, love women flirting, and sexual health.

TrulyMadly’s lovely ladies, do you get stumped on how to do the whole flirting thing with guys you are talking to from the app?

I’ve got some simple women flirting tips to help guide you and make your interactions more fun and carefree. Here we go.

#1 Be Yourself!

I can’t stress this enough. Please, don’t pretend to be someone you are not, as ultimately your new friend is going to find out who the real you is, and if you have been lying about yourself, the results will not be pretty.

Do you have a crazy sense of humor? Let it out.

Do you have great taste in music and love to dance? Make sure you talk about it and share your favorite songs to give your boo a taste of what you like.

Making a connection with someone IS about general compatibility, and you two should have some things in common, but don’t FAKE compatibility as it will come and bite you in the A## later on. This is the most important flirting tip women should learn.

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#2 Remember that boys often aren’t such great talkers

Have patience and try to find a topic of conversation that interests you both.

Ahhhh, this is where we as women have to learn to play the long game. Whereas we can talk and gab all day long, most men aren’t built to talk and talk and talk, and you get the idea.

So, when you are connecting with him, try to find out what your mutual likes are and what really makes him excited – and try to weave that into the conversation to really stimulate his mind and heart.

#3 Give compliments but don’t go over the top.

So, you’re at the point when you’re really feeling this dude, and you want to say something nice to him. You can show your appreciation for him in subtle ways.

Show him why you like interacting with him with a statement like “I love talking to you, you always make me (smile/laugh/feel good/intrigued)…”

On the other hand, telling him he is the world’s greatest and you won’t wait to have his babies may not be the way to go.

Subtlety is the key – don’t hold back appreciation but don’t go crazy with compliments. This is by far one of the most underrated flirting tips for women.

#4 Don’t Fish For Compliments

Nothing says “insecure” and “needy” more than fishing for compliments. In the dating and relating game, you have to develop a thick skin and know that your inner worth comes from within you, not from what someone else says.

Although it feels good when someone compliments us, you seem desperate when you fish for them.

If the guy you are talking to is not complimenting you enough, find someone that will express how they feel and move on – life is too short to wait for people to show their appreciation for you.

#5 Don’t Go Along With Things If You Don’t Want To

You don’t have to please anyone; set some personal limits and boundaries. Yes, its important to meet offline to see if you have a good connection – however, don’t let anyone push you to meet (or anything else) before you are ready.

We confuse being “nice” with what others say and sometimes end up doing things to make others happy. DON’T DO IT – trust your gut and if you are uncomfortable, just graciously say so and move to another topic.

That’s it, ladies! Remember, I am here to talk to you and give you advice about #UnSingling on Truly Madly or any other relationship queries you may have – be sure to write to me on the TM Facebook page – I look forward to hearing from you.



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